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In its first Devstream of the year, Digital Extremes hinted at a few key elements of Warframe®’s promising plans for 2021. Revealing the next update name, Call of the Tempestarii (pronounced “Tem-pest-are-ee”), Digital Extremes’ mystical theme for Update 30 is couched in ethereal tones, chaotic Void Storms and a redemptive lore-filled Quest. Featuring prominently in the update’s lore is the next Warframe, “Sevagoth”, whose unique Abilities include a second “Reaper form”. 

Devstream 151 revealed the first Prime Access of the year, the musical player favorite “Octavia Prime”, replete with exclusive Shawzin, fresh details on two new seasonal activities, and Quality of Life Dojo upgrades. Players will see a snazzy new Zephyr Deluxe included in the update, featuring upgraded Deluxe Landing Craft, Animations and UI. 

Currently in development for a March release, Call of the Tempestarii will offer quintessential Warframe content and new wrinkles in Railjack gameplay. From the all new Corpus Railjack space combat spotlighting omnipotent Capital Ships, chaotic Void Storms and Command Intrinsics, DE will weave the recent Orphix Venom mech battles into missions to vary Railjack with more core gameplay. Call of the Tempestarii is yet another step in delivering a better Railjack experience.

Sevagoth, the 46th Warframe, digs into the ethereal by sowing, reaping and draining enemy souls. Sevagoth offers four classic Warframe Abilities plus the powerful second ‘Wraith’ meter, which, when full, unleashes an exalted Reaper form with three base powers. Check out the full Devstream here for first gameplay demo details!

The player-favorite musical Warframe, Octavia Prime, is the next Prime Warframe. Capable of defeating enemies by wielding musical weapons and sonic attacks, Octavia Prime offers a complete package including her two signature weapons (Tenora Prime, Pandero Prime), new Armor and Syandana and, best of all, the bonus Prime Shawzin, the player-favorite Orokin guitar. Prepare to rock the Origin System with Octavia!

Starting Monday, February 1, Tenno will experience Nightwave: Intermission 3 content and, moving into February, players should keep an eye out for two new special new seasonal activities, Star Days and Lunar New Year. Several new Dojo upgrades promise to please dedicated players who love their Dojo building activities. See all upcoming season activities and Dojo upgrade details in Devstream 151.

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