New YouTube video recaps “Dream Team” campaign, telling player stories – including marriage proposal via PUBG MOBILE in-game surprise  

LOS ANGELES – Feb. 15, 2021 – Today, the team behind the world’s most popular mobile game PUBG MOBILE debuts a heartfelt video about love and friendship between squad mates. Set in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this exclusive recap showcases several instances of PUBG MOBILE players expressing their gratitude towards one another, including multiple guest appearances from popular content creators. Fans can check out the video through the official PUBG MOBILE YouTube channel here.

Earlier this month, PUBG MOBILE united players around the world to create unique in-game surprises for their cherished teammates. As part of the content update Version 1.2 “Dream Team: My Heartfelt Message” event, players had the chance to implement customized pop-up banners, advertisements and aircraft cards for their friends to see in-game. Squad mates were charmed with confessions of love, birthday wishes, expressions of gratitude – and even marriage proposals! This is also the first of its kind in mobile games to express the hearts of players in such a special way. During this event, PUBG MOBILE expressed its care, attention, and respect to its players. Players also expressed their appreciation, support and trust in their teammates through this event.

The “Dream Team Surprise” even see how popular influencers Powerbang, Bennymoza, Bangpen, ZooTay and more expressed their gratitude to those closest to them. Below are some of the surprise stories that players can tune into:

Player’s Surprise Story 1:

Lucas and Natalia from South America met during a PUBG MOBILE live stream and gradually became a couple.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, when they were in-game as usual, Lucas gave a heartfelt confession to his love, Natalia, and surprised her with a marriage proposal. With PUBG MOBILE as a witness, they had a successful engagement and spent a very meaningful Valentine’s Day.

“I just want to say that I love you, and you are the most special person I have nowadays in my life. I thank God for you showing up on my PUBG MOBILE livestream. Since then, you have become my partner in duo games and also my partner in life. Bringing you from Rio Grande do Sul to Minas was the best choice I’ve made. I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me and what you are still doing, and say that you are an amazing woman. I have this special surprise for you. I hope you like it!”

Player’s Surprise Story 2:

Powerbang is a popular streamer in PUBG MOBILE. Powerbang and his wife Courtney have been together for over thirteen years. During this period, Courtney has witnessed Powerbang’s career development from the very beginning, to eventually becoming a viral internet celebrity in PUBG MOBILE in North America, which couldn’t have happened without Courtney’s support and dedication to Powerbang behind the scenes. This time, PUBG MOBILE specifically reached out to Powerbang to help him plan his Valentine’s Day surprise to express his gratitude to his wife for her support over the years!

“Courtney and I have been married for 14 years and have known each other since high school. We have 3 kids together and both of us run companies that we established. We have been through a lot together and are always excited for life’s next adventure.”

Player’s Surprise Story 3:

Benny and Bangpen are two Indonesian streamers. They first met and got to know each other in 2018.At that time Benny was a pro player in Point Blank, and participated in the tournament while Bangpen was the host. Later Benny decided to leave the professional competition and become a PUBG MOBILE content creator.

Bangpen was an entertainment YouTuber at that time before he started to do game content, mainly PUBG MOBILE as well. Because the two enjoyed PUBG MOBILE, they became closer and often played games and made videos together. Whenever they felt lost, or their channel growth stagnated and video views dropped, they would encourage each other to try to become better creators. Now, the two of them have become PUBG MOBILE internet celebrities.

Now, Benny and Bangpen are also neighbors. They visit each other often, and their girlfriend and wife are as close as family. PUBG MOBILE has made their bromance even deeper, and Benny wanted to show his feelings for Bangpen by preparing an in-game surprise with PUBG MOBILE.

“Benny Moza is a very calm person.

Meanwhile, Bangpen is a very friendly and hilarious guy, but he can also be a good listener as a friend. I can talk about all sorts of things with him, from funny things, games, and even businesses. Now we are neighbors, and so we are now even closer, just like a family.”

Player’s Surprise Story 4:

Rami and Rima are a pair of siblings from the Middle East. The sister brings her brother along to find his worth in PUBG MOBILE, and help him become an influential person.

Rami is the younger brother of Rima. He grew up watching his sister became a successful streamer loved by the community, and she inspired and helped him to became a successful streamer as well. For that reason, he wants to thank her and make her happy as an appreciation.

Player’s Surprise Story 5:

Asad and Nimra are a young couple from Pakistan and a popular streamer couple in the Pakistani community. They are together because of their common love for PUBG MOBILE. On Valentine’s Day, Asad prepared a surprise video for his beloved wife inside the game, and also built a love confession wall using Rune skills.

“Me, Asad, and my lovely wife, Nimra, are the definition of young love. In fact, we are actually Pakistan’s most popular young couple! We started by playing PUBG MOBILE together, fell in love, and are now happily married. Mutual interests always play an important role in strengthening any relationship – we actually first bonded over our shared love of playing PUBG MOBILE. Most people exchange phone numbers when they first meet, but we exchanged our PUBG MOBILE IDs! It’s incredible to see what came from spending quality time together by playing PUBG MOBILE.”

Player’s Surprise Story 6:

Egoist and Kızıl are a Turkish couple who met and got to know each other in PUBG MOBILE, and the game is an important bond for them from which they build their understanding and trust.

I have been with my girlfriend for 6 years and we have been playing PUBG MOBILE from the very beginning of our relationship. We are a fun couple. We both enjoy video games a lot. Thus our biggest fights happen when one of our phone’s battery dies while playing a game. 😊

Player’s Surprise Story 7:

ZooTay and Sakuma from North America

“ZooTay and I met in 2017 and started playing PUBG MOBILE together after I dislocated my elbow. This really strengthened our relationship, as we worked together to get to a spot in the PUBG MOBILE competitive community. This led to us travel around the globe together to various global LAN events and allowed us to create a sustainable way of living. We live together in Houston, Texas with our 2 cats. We plan to pursue gaming and Esports together, with ZooTay competing and I’ll help him with managing socials and scheduling.

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