Stand guard for global safety, or make the whole world burn in the flames of war in Professional Soldier – an action FPS simulation game coming to PC

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There was a time when you were a soldier. Now you are a Professional Soldier, and you get to choose between justice and money. Do whatever is necessary. Work for whoever is the highest bidder. Fear nothing, don’t let anyone stop you, and make sure that the only people who know your name are no longer alive to speak it.

The world that Europeans and US citizens know these days seems relatively peaceful for them, and soldiers might seem irrelevant. In the end, what can a soldier do in times of peace? Luckily, the world is large, and people are always fighting somewhere…

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The only thing you need to do to keep yourself busy in these peaceful times is to choose where to strike. There are plenty of people out there that you can either help or eliminate depending on who’s paying and how much. Maneuver wisely between money, fame, ethics, and the type of job while remembering that no one promised you this would be easy.

Once the deal is done, choose your method. Some jobs will require sophistication to complete, others nothing more than brute force. Some will require you to be close to your target. Others can be completed at long range. Depending on your preferences, you can get your hands dirty or do the job silently without unwanted casualties. Bombs, rifles, pistols, knives, and much more will all be at your disposal – make sure the tools fit the job.

After accepting the job, remember that nothing’s black or white, and you will often be able to decide which side you are on. So, trigger a conflict, or end it. Protect the good or join the bad. Support the poor or work for the rich. Save lives or take them. War is in your blood – don’t fight it!


  • It’s all about who you know. Remember that establishing a powerful grid of contacts will bring you more lucrative contracts and make the job easier.
  • Make sure you meet your clients’ expectations. Upgrading your skills and buying new gear are crucial if you want to be considered a professional.
  • Choose your side. Become a silent hero saving lives or a world-famous terrorist that’s hunted by global police forces.
  • Build your brand. Whether in a good or bad way, make sure everybody will know who you are.
  • Get rich. Professional services come at a price, and it’s a demanding job, so charge for it properly.
  • Become a lone wolf or stay loyal to your employer. Choose freedom of choice over stable employment or the other way round. Whatever suits you best.
  • Keep yourself entertained. Your job is far from being boring, so make sure it stays that way. Take part in black ops missions, join open conflicts on either side, plan assassinations, lead hostage evacuations, and much more.

Professional Soldier is being developed by ArtGabi and is coming to PC.

More information about the game is available on the official websiteSteam, and Facebook.

About ArtGabi
ArtGabi is an indie game studio established in 2018. The team started building their portfolio with a big non-game application made in Unity for one of their clients and a few mobile games. Now they are creating games for PC to sell them on Steam. In the future, they also plan to bring their titles to consoles.

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