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Immerse Yourself in Cyberpunk Soundscapes with Voicemod’s Latest Content Pack and Soundboard Effects

Take your Cyberpunk Roleplay to the Next Level with Themed Voice Mods, Sound Effects, and Audio Customizations

VALENCIA, SPAIN (December 9, 2020) – Voicemod — the leading platform for real-time voice modulation and sonic identity creation — is thrilled to announce today the launch of an all-new content pack and soundboard effects in the theme of cyberpunk on the Voicemod Windows PC platform. Players enjoying cyberpunk RPGs on PC, console, or tabletop can now select voices and effects that align with their customized character with the Cyberpunk Content Pack using the Trauma Medic and AI DJ voice mods in real-time. Game Masters can also create incredible soundscapes and realistic voices for the pen-and-paper game world residents.

This audio customization adds a new layer of depth to the roleplaying experience by providing a selection of robotic and pitch-shifting effects. Whether playing as a Solo, Netrunner, or Techie, there’s a voice that will make players stand out in a dangerous and dystopian world. Along with customizable voices, Voicemod has also launched a collection of new sound bites that can be used to create a cyberpunk-ready soundboard. Audio choices include deadly drones, fluttering electronics, metal squeals, explosions, melee (punching, Vibro blade) sound effects, and gadget noises. Additionally, users can upload their own .MP3 audio clips to include as part of their themed soundboard to design a unique and unparalleled futuristic soundscape. 

“As soon as we realized that you wouldn’t be able to customize your voice in Cyberpunk 2077, we knew it was time for Voicemod to step in and do what we do best — giving voice to players,” said Jaime Bosch, Co-founder and CEO of Voicemod. “The launch of the cyberpunk pack is the most meta content we’ve added; at its core, Voicemod is a pretty cyberpunk technology as you can completely transform a fundamental part of your identity. Consider it another tool in your kit of cybernetic enhancements.” 

Watch the new Voicemod Cyberpunk Content Pack trailer: 

Players looking for a true cyberpunk-inspired experience can utilize the Voicemod Voicelab (available with Voicemod PRO) to create a completely personalized and unique voice of their own using Voicemod’s cutting edge audio data augmentation technology. The Voicelab also comes equipped with three brand new effects to fully realize the cyborg life: Robotifier, Distortion, and Resonator. With the ability to combine different sound effects and adjust parameters, players can modify their real voice along with their in-game body and cyberware customizations. Cyberpunk’s very essence is the use of technology to enhance the way we express ourselves, and with Voicemod Voicelab there’s no need to suffer under a futuristic dystopia to do so.

How to become a cyberpunk character with Voicemod: 

  • Download and open the Voicemod app on your PC
  • In the communication app of your choice, select the Voicemod Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM)) as your audio input 
  • Go back to Voicemod and choose the voice effect you want to use – make sure “Voice Changer” is toggled on
  • Optional: If you want to add sound bites to your audio, upload the .MP3 or .WAV files to the soundboard and assign them keybinds
  • That’s it! Use your new voice and become one with your Cyberpunk character! 

Cyberpunk is a genre that promises a future of ultimate personal expression. Voicemod takes this immersive roleplaying to another level with the Cyberpunk Content Pack, including the Trauma Media and AI DJ voice, Voicelab functions, and soundboard effects, adding a whole new layer of cyberpunk roleplay.

Voicemod PRO is available for $15 USD/one-year subscription or $39 USD for a lifetime license. Download Voicemod on Windows PC via the official site here

About Voicemod

Based in Valencia, Spain, Voicemod is the world’s leading voice manipulation tool and customizable soundboard provider. With more than 17 million downloads on desktop PCs alone, it is a tool that helps gamers, content creators, and professionals of all skill levels find the voice that best expresses themselves as they play, work, create, and entertain. Offering the best and most accessible tools on the market with its versatile PC platform, soundboard and Voicelab, Voicemod is committed to letting you sound like you — even as you are discovering who that might be. Learn more at voicemod.net.