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First Glimpse At Gameplay Direction For VR Music Game Unplugged*

First Glimpse At Gameplay Direction For VR Music Game Unplugged*

Developer Ricardo Acosta shares his vision for the VR music game that will make players feel like a rockstar on a virtual stage

Sydney, AU – December 18, 2020: VR publisher and developer Vertigo Games and newly formed VR studio Anotherway have released a brand new video for their upcoming VR music game Unplugged (*working title), revealing a behind the scenes look into the development of the game, and sharing more details into their vision for the gameplay direction.

Watch the Unplugged Developer Video here

Unplugged is a VR music game that puts you in front of a crowd,” Ricardo Acosta says in the video. “It’s not about learning to play guitar, it’s about feeling like a rockstar, it’s about immersion. We want you to feel like you are there, you are a rockstar in front of a big crowd and you’re interacting with them.” The video shows a first glimpse of what that interaction looks like as we see the development team in VR headsets, using hand tracking technology to play air guitar and wave to the virtual audience, which then waves back.

A publishing partnership between Vertigo Games and Anotherway was just announced last week, where Vertigo Games stated they had big plans for the title and would be “elevating the gameplay concept in exciting ways”. “With Unplugged, Anotherway applies novel and high-quality hand tracking technology to VR gameplay in the best way possible and creates a whole new level of immersion that really impressed us,” said Richard Stitselaar, Managing Director at Vertigo Games. “We are excited to bring Anotherway’s unique vision to VR in 2021.”

Unplugged is developed by Anotherway, a newly formed VR studio led by Ricardo Acosta and Julia Casal, developers with roots at Microsoft Hololens and Activision. During lockdown, they started working on Unplugged as a passion project, which seemed to really resonate with the VR community. “At that point we realized we had something worthy in our hands,” Ricardo Acosta says in the video. “By partnering with Vertigo Games we have the resources to create a great game.”

Unplugged is a VR music game that uses novel and quality hand tracking technology to make you feel like a musical legend on a virtual stage. Published by Vertigo Games and developed by Anotherway, Unplugged is coming to VR in Q3 2021. For more news about Unplugged, find Unplugged on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and sign up for the newsletter at unplugged-vr.com.


About Vertigo Games

Vertigo Games is a multi-platform VR entertainment company with offices in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Los Angeles, California. With teams in the areas of development, publishing and LBE (location-based entertainment) distribution, the company offers a growing portfolio of quality VR games that provide novel, powerful and full-featured gaming experiences both in- and outside of the home. Current games include Vertigo Studios’ evergreen brand Arizona Sunshine®, critically acclaimed VR titles such as A Fisherman’s Tale, and LBE-exclusive VR experiences like Ghost Patrol® VR. Vertigo Games has six releases in the 2021 publishing pipeline, including Vertigo Studios’ next VR action FPS game After the Fall®, the VR music game Unplugged and the tongue-in-cheek VR sim Traffic Jams. Vertigo Games is a Koch Media Group company. vertigo-games.com

About Anotherway

Anotherway is a newly formed VR development studio, founded in 2020 by Ricardo Acosta and Julia Casal. For many years, Ricardo and Julia worked as developers for major clients and agencies such as Microsoft Hololens and Activision. While these environments were ideal for learning and skill development, the two always felt a need to build something of their own, on their own terms, away from the corporate grid. During lockdown, they started working on their own passion project “Unplugged”, which seemed to really resonate with the VR community. Realizing the potential Unplugged held, Ricardo and Julia decided to break their corporate chains and chase their ambitious dreams. Anotherway was finally born. unplugged-vr.com.