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Fancy throwing on a horse mask and laying waste to a horde of maniacal robots with an arsenal of cool weapons? Android Hunter A may just tick those boxes.

Los Angeles, 26 November 2020 – Digiplox are proud to announce their 2.5D side-scrolling action-platformer, Android Hunter A — which arrives on Steam today. Embark on a futuristic adventure to save the cyberpunk-inspired world from a despotic, robotic uprising. Equipped with a wide variety of weapons it’s up to you to dispatch the robots than have gone rogue.

Android Hunter A’s action will scratch the itch for those that have been longing for a new 2.5D adventure. Eight core stages, all with diverse environments and boss fights, stand before players as their final foe. To make it that far, players will have to manoeuvre skillfully through each stage; dashing, ducking and leaping over an onslaught of enemy fire.

For those that want to save the earth in style, there are hundreds of customisation options to unlock. Do you want to destroy the final boss with a horse mask on? Or maybe you’ll do better with a bunch of balloons on your back. All the customisation options are earned in-game. Those wanting to look bad-ass will have to work for it, because there are no microtransactions in Android Hunter A. Some players may wish to take in the game’s futuristic locales along a scenic route to the final boss room; but most like to speedrun. To accommodate competitive players, Android Hunter A has a built-in local, and global, leaderboard. Players can race their friends or race people around the world, competing for the top spots — and, of course, eternal glory.

Android Hunter A can be found on Steam here

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Making its way into the gaming industry, DigiPlox was first established in 2009 as a partnered organization working together with indie development groups on notable projects for both mobile and desktop platforms. Now, an independent organization, DigiPlox is striving to make its mark in the industry with its own working titles and ambitions.

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