You can fight challenging opponents, win car races, solve puzzles, and jump your way through platformers like a champ, but all of that is nothing compared to the challenge you’ll face once you decide to run a daycare and manage a bunch of kids.

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Whoever said that taking care of kids is an easy task clearly never had to deal with a bunch of 5-year-olds. There’s no better management school, really. A group of young kids will teach you how to multitask – have you ever tried to finish your coffee, heck, even finish making it, while at the same time dealing with the simultaneous “I have to pee/I’m hungry/he took my toy!” dramas, multiplied by ten? Daycare will teach you patience – “Why do people sleep?” Because they need rest. “Why?” Because they get tired. “Why?” Because they work. “Why?” It will teach you creativity – try to entertain a kid for longer than five minutes – and a whole lot of other skills no other work experience could ever provide.

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Daycare Manager is an innovative mix of management and simulation gameplay that will throw at you the unusual challenge of handling a nursery school. You are responsible for taking care of all your children’s needs, from arranging their playtime to feeding, nap time, schooling, and returning them safely to their parents’ arms. And yet, that is only a small percentage of your responsibilities, as you’ll have to think about expanding your business, promotion, and hiring new employees. This means building new facilities, arranging the playground, interior design, advertising, recruiting, and much more. In the end, you want your daycare to be the best out there!


  • Get ready to handle the daily challenge of taking care of a bunch of kids. Children are fun, silly, smart, full of energy, and truly, incredibly demanding. Take care of them while facing unexpected challenges.
  • Use your time wisely to make sure the kids play AND learn. Kids love to play. That’s natural. If they could, they would play all day long. That’s why it’s your job to ensure a healthy balance between playtime and other needs such as sleeping, eating, and learning. Be sure to make a smart schedule for each day that distributes time between diverse activities to keep your children and their parents happy.
  • Enjoy exciting mini-games. Dance, cook, and teach – all in the form of fun mini-games!
  • Remember to promote your daycare to attract new families. Spread the word and advertise your exceptional skills to reach new parents and convince them to enroll their kids at your place. More children mean more activities and more challenges, but also more profit.
  • Hire additional caretakers to help out. The bigger your business grows, the more people you’ll need. Recruit caretakers and other specialists to help you run the place, and make sure there’s no challenge you can’t handle.
  • Be creative – expand your daycare and decorate it. Build new rooms and facilities, buy more beds, and add new toys. Arrange various activities, improve the services your daycare provides, and, last but not least, make it look appealing to all the moms that want their kids to stay in beautifully-decorated interiors.
  • Become the best caretaker in the country! Keep working, and parents will line up to make sure their kids attend the only daycare worth attending – your daycare.

Daycare Manager is being developed by Tag of Joy and will be published by Games Operators on PC.

More information about the game can be found on Steam.

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