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Engage in authentic 100 player modern warfare as Offworld Industries’ tactical team  shooter launches out of Early Access

Vancouver, Canada — 23 September, 2020 | Offworld Industries is excited to announce that their large-scale, combined-arms multiplayer FPS game, Squad launches today. Over five years in active development, Squad already has over 2.0 million players fighting in authentic battlefields in Early Access.

With Squad, Offworld Industries aims to elevate the large-scale tactical shooter genre to a whole new level of detail and authenticity with up to 100 players in each engagement. As a spiritual successor to the award-winning Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2, Squad is all about the rapid-fire communication & decision making with teamwork focused maneuvers that define the real-life military experience. Players will experience an unprecedented level of immersion and a true-to-life representation of a high-pressure combat zone that requires dedicated and coordinated teamwork where everyone has a critical role to play. 

“Our goal for Squad was to take our 10 years of experience, testing and experimenting with the Project Reality formula and continue to evolve it and bring it to a new generation of players, creators and modders to discover a style of teamwork and voip based gameplay unlike any other in gaming.” stated Will ‘Merlin’ Stahl, CEO of Offworld Industries.

Squad’s large-scale realistic environments have been designed and based on real-world locations in the Middle East, Asia, and Eastern Europe. As players work their way across the maps, they will be able to build and fortify their own bases, establish key leadership roles and maintain logistics supplies. Players can also make use of a vast range of land and air vehicles including armored cars, tanks, personnel carriers, and helicopters to dominate the battlefield. 

Launching with the 1.0 update, Squad 1.0 will feature a brand-new map set in the city of Fallujah and a new Middle-Eastern Alliance faction. The game also launches with mod support, paying tribute to Offworld’s legacy as a development studio and publisher first conceived by a group of modders. 

For more information on Squad, please visit the official website and keep up to date with all the action on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Twitch and YouTube.  

About Offworld Industries 
Offworld Industries was founded in 2014 by a group of game modders on a mission to build a full game version of the Project Reality mod. Aiming to help other developers on a similar journey to make a living creating games, Offworld Industries is both an independent game development and a publishing studio. To aid in that effort, it licenses the Squad Framework to partner studios to provide an agile development framework for new titles. Offworld Industries has published two military tactical shooter games – Squad, the studio’s internally-developed modern tactical FPS, and Post Scriptum, a World War II team-based FPS developed by Periscope Games. They are also serving as the publisher for Redstone Interactive’s upcoming WWI game titled Beyond The Wire, which will be launching on Steam Early Access this year. For more information about Offworld Industries, please visit: https://www.offworldindustries.com/

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