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Calculate the Risk and Put Your Legacy and Life on the Line in this Three-Day Multiplayer Combat Event

Independent developer Gavra Games announced today a free open beta weekend for its upcoming comedic turn-based, RPG combat game, Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer this Friday, August 21 through Monday, August 24 on Steam. Enter the arena and challenge your friends online to become the ultimate gladiator in a world where planning your moves, avoiding obstacles, and creating your own unique fighting style will decide your fate. Each move you make has great risk involved, one wrong move can leave you permanently left for dead at the feet of your opponent.

Gavra Games invites all players to experience the online multiplayer event this weekend in the free open beta on Steam. To join the open beta, click the Steam Playtest button on the Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer Steam page.  

Watch the Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer gameplay trailer

Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer, features epic combat and strategic gameplay, where decisive tactical moves lead to victory. Refine your diplomacy skills as you create and break alliances in the arena, decide the fate of your fallen opponents and rise your lineage towards eternal glory. Each decision in battle results in great reward or lasting consequences for your game, you have formed strong alliances, but the fallout and betrayal that comes in combat cannot be restored, watch your back and keep your friends close but your enemies closer!

Beyond the game’s cheeky humor is a strategic game, where players will use positioning, calculated risk, and knowledge of their surroundings to line the path to victory!

Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer is coming soon to Steam. Stay up to date with all Warriors: Rise to Glory Online Multiplayer news on the website, watch on YouTube, follow on Twitter, and “Like” us on Facebook.

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