Los Santos Summer Special: San Andreas Prix Week

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Los Santos Summer Special: San Andreas Prix Week
Triple Rewards in Rockstar Created Open Wheel Races and More

Speed is a vice like any other: it’s expensive, exclusive and some people die in pursuit of it; especially when we’re talking about the kind of eye-watering speed that turns a car into a screaming blur on a racetrack.

Slide behind the wheel in any of the Rockstar Created Open Wheel Races and earn Triple GTA$ and RP all week long, including on these nine new tracks unveiled as part of the Los Santos Summer Special.

Keeping Track

Forget racing 50-foot catamarans through the Vespucci canals. This season the Vinewood elite have jumped on the open wheel racing hype with a track in their own backyard. It’s an easy living. Just roll from your sun lounger into the cockpit and get ready for that first-place champagne.

Life’s a Beach

What’s more uncomfortable than being in an open wheel cockpit in a g-force inducing slipstream hurtling you hundreds of miles an hour on a twisting road that makes you uncontrollably seasick while dodging competitors as they crash around you? Doing all that with sand in your pants. Surf’s up.

It’s a Sign

The iconic Vinewood Sign means many things to many people. To some, it’s fame, fortune and making it big. To you, it’s reaching the finish line with your cranium intact. Get ready to drive so close you can kiss the V for luck.

Top of The Town

There are two ways to make it into the executive boardrooms of the Los Santos business district. Option one, nepotism. Option two, you get into an open wheeler and insert yourself right into the AGM, because nothing impresses the hiring committee like driving a race car through the 40th floor window.


Everyone knows the health and safety board are too strapped for cash to stress test The Land Act Dam. Maybe that’s why they gave a private company the rights to build a high-speed open wheel racetrack. Nothing will confirm its sturdiness like a dozen exquisitely fine-tuned ultra-performance machines smashing into the first corner.

Road to Ruin

The Los Santos freeway has an estimated 71 fatal accidents per 100 miles. We know what you’re thinking. Those are rookie numbers. Let’s see if we can’t pump them up.


What’s the last thing an endangered bird sees as it cruises through a turbine at Ron Alternates Wind Farm? Once upon a time, the answer was “progress”. These days, it’s more likely to be an open wheel racecar detonating two meters to its left.

Morningwood Glory

How were the residents of one of Los Santos’s most affluent areas convinced to give their permission for a challenging open wheel race right through their neighborhood? Bribery of course. That and the fact no one mentioned it would take place 20 stories up and block all-natural light. Do the residents mind? Yes. Do the race organizers care? No.


At last, the feat of engineering no one asked for: a road bridge over the Alamo Sea. And who is this great masterpiece for? Is it the much-needed infrastructure that will finally drive capital investment into the economically deprived area of Sandy Shores? Don’t be ridiculous. It’s a racetrack for dumbest 1% of the wealthiest 1% of BAWSAQ 100 CEOs. Welcome to progress.

Double Rewards for VIP / MC Work and Challenges

Perhaps you’re more of a head honcho type looking for an illicitly lucrative payday. Whether you’re the figurehead of a shadowy Organization or the leader of a notorious Motorcycle Club, both VIP and MC Work & Challenges are dishing out Double Rewards.

Whichever activity is played more often this week will help determine next week’s in-game bonuses – if players take on more VIP Work & Challenges, then Double Rewards will be applied to all Special Cargo Sell Missions the following week. If players indulge in more MC Work & Challenges, then all Biker Business Sell Missions will be awarded with 2X GTA$ & RP from September 3rd through September 9th.

Plus, complete either VIP or MC Work and come back next week to receive a complimentary Green Dot Tech Mask.

All players who jump into GTA Online over the next seven days will receive the Vapers Den tee, free of charge. Ends September 2nd.

On the Podium This Week: The Progen PR4

Swing by the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort and give the Lucky Wheel a whirl. This week on the podium is the Progen PR4 wrapped in the Estancia Tobacco-sponsored livery. Consider this a friendly reminder: don’t forget to make a pit-stop and keep your tires fresh. It could save your life.


There are a range of discounts on offer throughout Los Santos this week that benefit white-collar and blue-collar criminals alike, namely:

  • MC Clubhouses – 40% off:
    • Downtown Vinewood
    • Grapeseed
    • Great Chaparral
    • Hawick
    • La Mesa
    • Paleto Bay (1 Paleto Boulevard and 68 Paleto Boulevard)
    • Pillbox Hill
    • Rancho
    • Sandy Shores
    • Vespucci Beach
  • Biker Businesses – 40% off:
    • Document Forgery Offices
    • Counterfeit Cash Factories
    • Weed Farms
    • Meth Labs
    • Cocaine Lockups
  • Executive Offices – 40% off
    • Maze Bank West
    • Arcadius Business Center
    • Lombank West
    • Maze Bank Tower
  • Executive Office Customizations – 30% off
    • Interiors
    • Organization Name Change
    • Money Safe
    • Gun Locker
    • Accommodation
    • Personal Assistant
  • Vehicles:
    • Ocelot R88 – 35% off
    • Declasse Drift Tampa – 40% off
    • Declasse Hotring Sabre – 40% off
    • Declasse Drift Yosemite – 40% off


GTA Online players who connect their Social Club account to Prime Gaming will receive GTA$200K for playing any time this week (please allow up to 72 hours for all GTA$ bonuses to arrive in your Maze Bank account).

Additionally, Prime Gaming members will receive:

  • The Vespucci Canals Nightclub Property
  • 70% off the Mammoth Avenger
  • 75% off the Avenger Weapon and Weaponized Vehicle Workshops

To ensure access to these and future benefits, make sure to visit Prime Gaming and sign up.

Head over to the Social Club Events page for a full rundown of all current special events, bonuses and discounts.

Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.

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