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EA Sports UFC 4 Career Mode Highlighted in Trailer

With EA bringing EA Sports UFC 4 to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a bit under two weeks, the company has decided it was about time to show off what fans of MMA can expect in this game’s version of the career mode. Players will see their custom fighter grow in strength depending on how they train as well as how they fight and more than ever will the player’s relationship with other fighters and the fans play a major role in the game as players can choose to play through the game in a number of ways.

One thing that some may be on the fence with is the new injury system that will be “unscripted” and can potentially see their fighter suffer from either a temporary injury that hurts their stats or a career long wound that will put an end to that fighter far earlier than some may hope. The trailer can be found below while the game itself is set to be released on August 14th.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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