Circadian City Takes New Steam Early Access Job on Sept. 24

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Circadian City Takes New Steam Early Access Job on Sept. 24

Nintendo Switch™, PC 1.0 Versions Dream Big in Q3 2021

ISTANBUL – Aug. 20, 2020 – Circadian City, the 24/7 life simulation about building relationships in the day to developing personality in surreal dreams at night from publisher Way Down Deep and developer Nowhere Studios, enters Steam Early Access for Windows PC on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020. The Nintendo Switch version will arrive alongside the PC 1.0 launch in Q3 2021.

Join 3,000,000 citizens in the most free-minded city in the world. Build friendships based on mutual interests, making time to attend events at art galleries, enjoy concerts, or shop at farmer’s markets together. Friendships may deepen into love, with LGBTQ+ romantic options also available. Don’t take relationships for granted, though, as gifts only go so far and affection will fade unless nurtured by spending time together.

The difference between night and day is more literal than figurative. Outlandish dreamscapes feature farms and wilderness in contrast to the bustling city. Bizarre creatures roam, challenging dreamers to mini-games which provide rewards of crafting material. Use those and harvested ingredients to create items capable of shaping personality, making it easier to get ahead in life.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, fulfilling daily needs of food, happiness, and social well-being to manage stress before laying down to rest, lest dreams become nightmares. Develop new and improved traits during sleep, becoming a more balanced person better able to connect with the people around you, then live your best life.

“Dreams are an important part of our lives, helping us process daily happenings and become better people,” said Burak Tezateser, founder and designer, Nowhere Studios. “With Circadian City, we wanted to be the first game to capture that loop, creating a life sim with a different perspective on what life is and what it can be.”

Circadian City Steam Early Access starts on Sept. 24 for 20% off the regular price of $11.99 USD, and will offer English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Chinese (Simplified) support. 

To learn more, visit the Circadian City website, follow @CircadianCity on Twitter and its official Facebook page.

About Way Down Deep

This boutique Texas publisher aims to bring to life non-violent games set in the real world based on love and life experiences.

About Nowhere Studios

Based out of Istanbul, Nowhere Studios is a diverse team of developers looking to change the world’s perception of games by creating stories conveying positive messages that can bring people together around a peaceful and inclusive culture.

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