Visit “The Old World” in the next major content update for ScourgeBringer

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Visit “The Old World” in the next major content update for ScourgeBringer

The hit roguelite action game gets a new game world, fresh bosses, skills and more 

Montpellier, France (July 22, 2020) French developer Flying Oak Games, composer Joonas Turner (Nuclear Throne, Downwell) and publisher Dear Villagers are proud to announce that the fast-paced rogue-platformer ScourgeBringer is getting another major update today titled “The Old World”, which will also be the last major content update before the full game’s launch later this year.

The Old World update highlights:

  • Explore “The Old World”, a brand new realm
  • New enemies, 2 new mini bosses and the games final boss
  • A new skill tree branch
  • Revamp of existing skills
  • More difficulty options for new and existing players
  • New achievements 
  • A new room type with new challenges
  • General fixes and improvements

The game is currently available on PC via Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Pass for PC and will see a full launch in 2020 for PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. 

You can find the full update notes here.

ScourgeBringer aims to channel the mystery and rawness of an early rogue-platformer, with fluid control, aerial combat, pixel graphics and a punchy soundtrack. The story follows hero Kyhra, who is sent away to uncover the secrets of an Eldritch monolith which is threatening to destroy her world. Armed with her trusty combat drone, she must shoot and slash her way through the infinite depths of an ever-changing dungeon, wherein gigantic bosses, ancient machines, strange ghosts and untold secrets from previous explorers await. 

There is no backtracking, as the game’s structure follows a procedural combination of pre-built challenge rooms, not unlike the Binding of Isaac.

The game is in open development, with an in-game feedback system gathering feedback from players, and regular looks behind the curtain courtesy of regular development updates from Flying Oak Games, who you can follow on Twitter here.

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About Flying Oak Games

Made of wood and pixels, Flying Oak Games (FOG) is an independent video game studio in a secret forest of the North East of France (in Metz). Born from many game jam collaborations over several years, the team still dedicate themselves to the community by organizing local events, as well as being part of the Global Game Jam organizers family. Its main motivation is to make games that are accessible, instantly fun and addictive.

About Dear Villagers Dear Villagers is Plug In Digital’s publishing label. It’s a warm-hearted invitation to join us in the little unusual neighborhood we are building within the gaming industry, a place where talented studios can unleash their creativity and where players enjoy distinctive and audacious games on PC and consoles, such as Edge of Eternity, ScourgeBringer, and Recompile.

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