Magnetic Swaptop™ Card Game Shaka Shredders: Rivals Launches Q4 2020

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Magnetic Swaptop™ Card Game Shaka Shredders: Rivals Launches Q4 2020

Backers Can Enter a Giveaway Offering a High-Quality Gaming Table or PlayStation 5

DOWNEY, CA — July 28, 2020 — Shaka Shredders: Rivals™, the world’s first magnetic Swaptop™ card game from Sunslap Studios, launches a radical Kickstarter campaign today before hitting friendly local game shops later this year. 

Formed from an ancient meteor, the mysterious islands of Shakana harbor awesome animals who live for extreme sports championships. Whether carving concrete or weaving through ocean waves, Shakana’s residents team up to prove who can land the gnarliest tricks.

Assemble a team of 20 Shredders and crush the competition by winning over the crowd.

Shaka Shredders: Rivals introduces patented Swaptop™ cards that encourage physical character customization by way of magnetized card components. Each Swaptop™ card consists of a back (a Slate™ card), a top (Slab™ card), and a bottom (Slice™ card). Craft creative combos with cards capable of over 1,000 combinations. 

Swaptop™ cards withstand the elements through durable construction so protective sleeves remain optional. The crease-resistant, water-resistant cards work everywhere — play indoors, outdoors, at the skatepark, even in the pool.

Three types of cards round out each team: sick Tricks to score “CHEER” points, dazzling Assists to help out the team, and devious Disses to knock opponents down a peg. Swap characters and abilities whenever desired to enhance Trick series and keep competitors on their toes. Win the crowd’s favor by scoring 20 CHEER points before your opponent and let the bragging rights pile up.

At launch, two decks make their debut: the geeky skateboarding Tiki Tech Lasers and the school-skipping surfers known as The Grotto Goons. Led by a genius gorilla named

Dr. Kokonut and a bodybuilding crocodile called Shredzilla respectively, these bitter rivals duke it out every day to determine the ultimate champion. Despite this rivalry, players can mix and match cards from both decks to form their perfect dream team.

“In a time where it’s not easy to get out there and shred for real, Shakana’s rad animals invite you to their island,” said Gregory Paul, founder of Sunslap Studios. “We built the world of Shaka Shredders: Rivals to feel inviting, and we hope this can bring players some much-needed levity.”

Shaka Shredders: Rivals will be available in 2020. For more information and updates, please visit the official website and follow the game’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Backers can enter a giveaway offering a high-quality gaming table with a matching cover as one prize and a PlayStation 5 as another. Enter the contest by sharing and/or supporting the Kickstarter. Sunslap aims to raise $50,000 for Shaka Shredders: Rivals. The Kickstarter and contest officially come to a close August 27. 

Tiers include: $49 = one physical game copy for 2 players, $65 = exclusive online game content & one physical game copy for 2 players, $95 = access to exclusive online content & two copies of the physical game for 4 total players. For more information, please visit the Shaka Shredders: Rivals Kickstarter page.

About Sunslap Studios

Founded on a love of toys and invention, Sunslap Studios is a game company that aims to make each player a creator. A bond is formed between player and game when you are shaping your own experience. That’s what Swaptop cards are all about.

For more information on Sunslap Studios, please visit their official website and Instagram.

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