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Halo Infinite Teases the Return of “The Banished”

Fans have been waiting eagerly to see what Halo Infinite has to offer since it was first revealed two years ago with little information about what type of threat the Master Chief and the UNSC will be facing off against this time around. There are always the standard Covenant forces and Sentinels to worry about as well as the possibility of the Flood but this latest teaser from Microsoft is pointing towards a powerful foe returning from the RTS series, Halo Wars.

The teaser features the voice of Atriox, leader of the Banished and a member of the Brutes that first appeared in Halo 2. The Banished, which appeared in Halo Wars 2, were a radical group that rebelled against the Covenant and this time around it seems that they will be featured in at least some form when Halo Infinite is released later this year. Though for now, fans can expect some form of news likely coming this next month during Microsoft’s planned July streaming event.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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