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Be The First To Join The Spiritual Successor to the Zombie Game
With 25 Million Downloads, Infestation: Survivor Stories

Los Angeles – May 15, 2020 – See if you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse by joining the Alpha for open world, PVP looter shooter game Outbreak New Dawn. Launching today into Alpha, Outbreak New Dawn is the newest game from Free Reign Entertainment, veterans in developing online multiplayer titles. Outbreak New Dawn is the spiritual successor to Infestation: Survivor Stories (formerly WarZ), a game that pioneered the zombie survival genre and amassed over 25 million players worldwide.

Players interested in joining the Alpha can purchase Outbreak New Dawn at https://www.playoutbreak.com/.

Set five years after the undead took over the world, the planet lies in shambles with survivors taking up refuge in safe, highly protected camps. Explore the world claimed by nature, loot what remains of civilization, and battle over resources to endure another day. Outlast the constant threat of the undead and other, more desperate survivors, or face the ultimate end.

Major Features Include:

Intense PVP Looter Shooter Action – Experience a robust PVP experience that has you battle other players for resources, such as food, weapons and ammunition, and crafting supplies. Team up to take others down or trust no one and battle everyone and everything yourself. Be prepared to lose everything you had with you if you die.

Vigorous Zombie Battles – Tread lightly in a world filled with zombies seeking living, breathing flesh. Avoid the undead or take them on with elite firepower.  

No Cheater Left Unpunished –Outbreak New Dawn features a vigorous anticheat systems built by a leading anticheat team. The game focuses on what matters – cheat free, skill based responsive and lethal shooting.

Beautiful World to Loot – The highly-detailed world of Outbreak New Dawn is beautiful yet dangerous. Navigate forests, grass plains and mountain ranges, explore abandoned overgrown cities, gather valuable loot and extract it to safe camps, where you can trade it with other players or vendors. Complete missions from numerous NPCs to get access to more powerful and rare gear.

For more information regarding Outbreak New Dawn please visit https://www.playoutbreak.com/.

About Free Reign Entertainment
Free Reign Entertainment is an independent games developer and publisher dedicated to creating immersive worlds and games heavily influenced by their community. The studio creates original IP, specializing in developing massive online games.

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