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Grab Your Stubby Fluorescent-Yellow Spacesuit and Destroy the Infestation

May 26th, 2020 —  Luke Rissacher is proud to announce that his gun-part swapping rogue-lite Weapon Hacker will launch June 8th on Steam

In Weapon Hacker you hack scavenged parts into custom-made weapons and explore a multiverse of procedurally-generated infested weapon facilities. Each playthrough is self contained and lasts around an hour. Discover 83 items and power ups to maximize your survival chances, and use your acquired abilities to unlock new areas. With 99,672,381,832,585,707,518,275 unique weapon part combinations to experiment with, you’ll enjoy hours of personalized alien-shredding fun!

Key Features:

  • Unique facility each time you play
  • Optimized engine, smooth on any PC
  • Procedurally generated Metroid-style exploration
  • Tight, fast-paced platforming
  • Honed by thousands of hours of playtesting & feedback

Weapon Hacker will release on Windows PC for $14.99.
To learn more, visit:
Weapon Hacker Twitter:@Weapon_Hacker
Weapon Hacker Facebook:
Steam Page:

About Luke Rissacher
Luke lives on the Oregon coast with his partner Nina and dog Maya, and enjoys surfing the local beach breaks. When not working on the game he programs custom business software for his freelance clients.

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