The Reds are Coming to World of Warships: Legends!

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The Reds are Coming to World of Warships: Legends! 

A New Update with Russian Navy Cruisers, a New Campaign “War and Peace,” and Early Access to Russian Destroyers

March 6 - World of Warships: Legends announces a new nation coming into the game! On March 9, players will be able to immerse themselves in a wave of new Russian naval content. This update brings Russian cruisers into the game, a new campaign to go along with them, and a preview of the upcoming Russian destroyers. The Reds are coming in force to stake their claim in the seas of World of Warships: Legends. 

The seven new Russian & Soviet Cruisers rely on powerful flat-shooting guns to punish enemy vessels from a safe distance. Keeping this range is important for any daring Russian navy captains, as these ships can be quite vulnerable in mid-ranged engagements! However, at higher tiers these cruisers have the tools for intrepid players to stay safe—fast, short-ranged torpedoes and Radar at higher tiers. This gives them the ability to foil the plans of stealthy destroyers trying to counter them. Players will find that these Soviet cruisers offer immense potential for racking up damage—as long as they avoid taking too much of a beating. 

The new campaign, “War and Peace,” fits in nicely with the Red Fleet’s cruisers. At the end of this 95-level campaign lies the Mikhail Kutuzov, a highly capable Russian cruiser that saw service throughout the Cold War. In World of Warships: Legends, this Cold War challenger pairs the outstanding performance of Russian cruiser guns with Smoke Generator and Sonar consumables. This means that the Mikhail Kutuzov can stealthily bombard enemies at ease by creating temporary concealment. On the way through “War and Peace,” players will earn a pile of consumables, equipment, and more. There are even a few chances to get one of the early access Russian destroyers throughout.

The Russian destroyers in early access range from tier III to tier VI and are true gunboats. These destroyers, such as the brilliant Tier V Gnevny, really shine in gunnery duels where they can use their firepower to batter lone cruisers, whittle down battleships, and utterly demolish enemy destroyers! Their fast but short-ranged torpedoes are best used in an ambush to deal devastating blows on unsuspecting enemies.  Players can get the chance to play them early through the new Soviet Containers, a few of these containers are also available in the War and Peace campaign! 

Six new esteemed commanders represent the new nation. They cover a large section of Imperial Russian and Soviet naval history from the Russo-Turkish war into the Cold War. These commanders bring new inspirations and abilities to enhance player’s ships and make their new Russian fleet the best it can be. Stepan Makarov, as a shiny example, brings his lusciously bearded visage to command and improve your Russian Navy cruisers. 

Not to mention, something entirely different is on the horizon for the April Fool’s celebrations, but keep it quack… ahem, quiet! 


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