Shaka Shredders, the First Magnetic Swaptop™ Card Game, Launches in 2020

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Shaka Shredders, the First Magnetic Swaptop™ Card Game, Launches in 2020

Get Stoked for “Swappable” Abilities on Durable Modular Cards

DOWNEY, CA — March 12, 2020 — Shaka Shredders™, the world’s first magnetic Swaptop card game, rides waves into retail stores in 2020 as Sunslap Studios debuts its extreme sports-inspired card game featuring funky animal superstars. 

Millions of years ago, we believe a meteor made of mysterious shaka stone crashed into Earth. Volcanoes spewed its molten stone and formed a small island where animals developed gnarly new behaviors. Hidden from us under a mist of protective fog, these “Shaka Shredders” tear it up on waves, pavement, powder, and even clouds.

To bring these radical characters to life, Shaka Shredders introduces patented Swaptop cards. Swaptop cards empower players with a whole new way to interact with card games by breaking down and rebuilding magnetic cards. Each Swaptop card consists of a back (a Slate™ card), a top (Slab™ card), and a bottom (Slice™ card). 

Mix and match these character and ability pieces for a high degree of customizability, adding a dimension to card games that has been missing. As a bonus, these high-quality cards are durable, crease-resistant, and water-resistant so Shaka Shredders is playable anywhere, anytime. Pool party? Beach day? Bring it on. Players can duel one-on-one or in a free-for-all format with as many players as desired. Each game set contains two decks for two players.

Each player acts as coach of a 20-card Shaka Shredders team of their choice composed of characters with individual strengths and weaknesses. The two decks available at launch feature either geeky, technical skaters or goony, school-skipping surfers, but players may trade between decks to create their own custom teams. To win over fans and declare victory, be the first to earn 20 “CHEER” points from the fictional crowd. 

Play three types of cards against opponents: Tricks, Assists, and Disses. Each is represented by a smaller “Slice” piece that joins with a Shaka Shredder “Slab” piece to form a complete Swaptop card. During the game, swap in new Shaka Shredders to surprise opponents and increase the point value of tricks. Add unique assists to tricks and boost fan appeal; embarrass rivals by “dissing” them at the opportune time.

“As fun and wild as the characters are, the never-before-seen mechanics of Swaptop cards allow for a really high skill-ceiling,” said Gregory Paul, founder of Sunslap Studios. “Players will pick up the rules quickly, but when they fully realize all the nuances of strategic swapping, the real game begins”.

Shaka Shredders will be available in 2020. For more information and updates, please visit the official website and follow the game’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

About Sunslap Studios

Founded on a love of toys and invention, Sunslap Studios is a game company that aims to make each player a creator. A bond is formed between player and game when you are shaping your own experience. That’s what Swaptop cards are all about.

For more information on Sunslap Studios, please visit their official website and Instagram.

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