Element Space Executes Tactical Strike Today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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Element Space Executes Tactical Strike Today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One

SYDNEY – 25 March, 2020 – Element Space, the sci-fi tactical RPG from Sixth Vowel and Blowfish Studios, deploys onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today, delivering hard-hitting sci-fi storytelling with all-new voice-over dialogue and an accessible, story-focused difficulty option.

An action-packed fusion of immersive storytelling and strategic turn-based combat, Element Space follows the journey of Captain Christopher Pietham and an elite team of soldiers on a galaxy-spanning mission to hunt down the terrorist organization Tempest. Thwart their radical plans and secure humanity’s future by outmaneuvering their fighters across distinct 20 battlefields teeming with environmental hazards, critical chokepoints, and destructible terrain.

Recruit allies with backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities as numerous as the stars in the sky. Kit out these companions from an armory of more than 30 weapons, mixing and matching gear to forge an unstoppable team. Interact with a range of factions, each vying for control of the galaxy, to gain their favor, unlock new perks, skills, and equipment to help take Tempest down.

Shape the fate of the galaxy with an immersive ideological system tracking both combat outcomes and narrative choices. Captain Pietham’s decisions ripple outward into space, attracting new characters to his cause, repelling others, and causing new narrative branches to open and close as relationships with friends and foes continue to grow and evolve.

Element Space is an immersive tactical RPG that allows players to carve out their own story while fighting for the fate of the humanity,” said Javier Entelman, CEO, Sixth Vowel. “We’re thankful for our allies at Blowfish Studios for helping us bring launch the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and are excited to welcome many more friends into our digital galaxy today.”

Element Space is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $24.99 / €22.49 / £19.99 / A$29.99 with English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Simplified Chinese language support. BEEP will release Element Space in Japan for PlayStation 4 later this year.

To learn more, please visit the official website and join the community on Twitter and Facebook.

About Blowfish Studios

Blowfish Studios is an award-winning independent game developer and publisher based in Sydney, Australia. We strive to release original multi-platform games, while also collaborating with developers from around the world. As developers first, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to any partnership. Our team provides development services to get the game release ready, porting to all major platforms, platform approval, marketing and promotion to the world.

To learn more about Blowfish Studios, please visit the team’s website.

About Sixth Vowel

Sixth Vowel is a Buenos Aires, Argentina-based game developer, and a subsidiary of Inca Games. The team seeks to make high-quality games and to become one of the largest studios in Latin America in order to better contribute to their game-developing community. Element Space is Sixth Vowel’s debut title, the studio named after the mighty power that leads humanity to the stars and showing their conviction to tell amazing stories through games.

To learn more about Sixth Vowel please visit the developer’s website.

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