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Come Join the Draw Party with Three Playful Game Modes for Online Social and Casual Fun on the App Store and Google Play

LOS ANGELES – MARCH 26, 2020 – Today, Netmarble Corp has officially stepped into the world of casual games as KOONGYA Draw Party, the company’s all-new, real-time social drawing quiz game, has officially launched on the App Store and Google Play. Players can work together to complete a never-ending quest to solve a series of entertaining and challenging quizzes – all through the power of creative drawing!

Now launching in 152 countries on iOS and 146 countries on Android, KOONGYA Draw Partyserves up a buffet of playful quiz-drawing entertainment with over 4,500 quizzes for 11 different languages as players of all types can come together online to create, rate, and share an endless variety of quirky pun-inspired drawings with friends near and far. The game maximizes the fun of language play with localized drawing quizzes for each language, real-time solving with other players through rooms, character collecting and player growth, custom quizzes players can create and share in their own neighborhood, and much more!

At launch, the game will feature three engaging gameplay modes:

  • Stage Mode – Players will go through a series of levels and solve quizzes with creative drawings. Prizes and KOONGYAs (KOONGYA Draw Party’s mascots that give skills, which generate in-game boosters) can also be collected in this mode.
  • Party Mode
    • Players can enter into playrooms online where up to four players can join in, take turns drawing and guessing each other’s quizzes.
    • Private rooms can also be made, where up to 100 players can join upon request. The room creator can use their microphone to communicate with other players.
  • Adventure Mode – This mode allows players to discover player-generated quizzes and location-based drawings within their own neighborhood.

“Creativity is not only a wonderful tool for building inspirational work, but also for creating experiences that have the potential to delight people and allow them to connect. Seeing how individuals express this creativity through our quiz game, especially with off-the-wall and captivating artwork based on our innovative and fun language-play drawing quizzes, is always a delight to see in Korea.” Said Jung Ho Lee, Executive Producer at Netmarble. “We are excited to see how players across the globe add to our ongoing Draw Party with today’s launch.”

Netmarble is also celebrating the game’s grand launch with several in-game events and promotions, including:

  • Beginner Event – Upon reaching Stage 10, 20 and 30, players will receive parts of KOONGYA costumes to equip. Costume parts can also be earned by solving user quizzes, registering and sharing custom quizzes online. 100 diamonds will also be given once a player’s KOONGYA reaches Level 20.

Welcome package – Players can purchase a ‘Welcome Package’ of in-game items, including 30 Diamonds, 5000 Gold, and 10 Pencils from now until April 16.

Costume package – From now until April 16, players can also purchase a ‘Costume Package’ containing 30 Dias and one Country Style Costume Set.

KOONGYA Draw Party is a global version of the popular Korean PC and casual mobile game KOONGYA Catch Mind, a game that combines fun drawings and quiz solving with online social gameplay through real-time multiplayer. Previously, KOONGYA Draw Party was No. 1 in total downloads in both the App Store and Google Play two weeks after its South Korean launch. With 30 million quizzes created by users since August 2019 that have been solved over 50 million times, KOONGYA Draw Party has expanded widely through all types of social channels, resulting in the game sustaining a huge amount of popularity. To date, the game in South Korea has seen a peak of 500,000 daily active users, and has become the No. 1 popular new brand in South Korea among 20-year-old players in 2019.

KOONGYA Draw Party is now available as a free download on App Store and Google Play. Follow KOONGYA Draw Party on Facebook.

About Netmarble Corporation
Netmarble Corporation strives to entertain audiences of all ages around the world by providing great mobile gaming experiences. Established in Korea in 2000, Netmarble is one of the fastest-growing mobile game companies and consistently ranks as a top mobile developer and publisher worldwide. With more than 6,000 employees, Netmarble has been producing and servicing some of the most successful mobile games including Lineage 2: Revolution, Blade & Soul Revolution, MARVEL Future Fight, BTS WORLD, Everybody’s Marble, and Seven Knights. As a parent company to Kabam, a top mobile game developer in massively multiplayer free-to-play games, the largest shareholder to Jam City, a leading casual social game developer and a major shareholder of BigHit Entertainment, a music production and artist management company, Netmarble has a strategic partnership with CJ ENM Corporation, Asia’s largest entertainment company, Tencent Holdings, Asia’s largest internet company, and NCsoft, a prominent MMORPG company. More information can be found at

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