Conquer Lush Voxel Worlds in Riverbond on Nintendo Switch 10 Dec.

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Conquer Lush Voxel Worlds in Riverbond on Nintendo Switch 10 Dec.

Spelunky Crossover, New World Debut on Switch

TORONTO – 6 November, 2019 – Riverbond, the shoot-and-slash dungeon crawler with solo and couch co-op play from Cococucumber, sets out for adventure on Nintendo Switch 10 Dec. 2019 with a new world and Spelunky crossover skin, simultaneously coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam for PC as a free update.

The cute characters, vibrant worlds, and streamlined action of Riverbond are perfect for all ages, at home or on-the-go. Bust up enemy creatures and whimsical bosses on a solo or co-op quest for up to four players. Master quirky melee and ranged weapons like giant sticks of ham or powerful ray guns. Delve deeper into a world of colorful cubes just waiting to be smashed. Each area boasts a new objective and ever-better loot awaits those brave enough to face the challenge.

An ethereal adventure awaits on Switch, as the new Crystalwatch levels add a brilliant fantasy world of fearsome lizard foes and peaceful badger monks. Explore nine worlds as dozens of charming character skins, including indie crossovers like Spelunky Guy from Spelunky, who joins Raz Aquato from Psychonauts, The Kid from Bastion, Shovel Knight, and more.

From mysterious airborne castles to haunting underground caverns, Riverbond’s eclectic world welcomes would-be adventurers with diverse environments to explore. Composers Mike Rocha and Ryan Roth (Void Bastards, The Beginner’s Guide, Starseed Pilgrim) punctuates the proceedings with a dramatic, synthesized score elevating the action to thrilling heights.

“We’re inspired by cooperative RPGs and classic action games of yesteryears and look forward to welcoming players with a wonderful and spirited adventure,” said Vanessa Chia, Co-Founder and Art Director, Cococucumber. “Riverbond marries the fast-paced action we’re so nostalgic for with modern gameplay and drop-in-drop-out co-op and, giving friends and families dazzling new worlds to explore together on Nintendo Switch.”

Riverbond will release 10 Dec. 2019 for $24.99 USD/€ 21.99 on Nintendo Switch, joining the PlayStation 4Xbox One, and Steam for PC platforms with game updates and the Spelunky Guy crossover skin debuting on all systems. A 20% discount will also be available on all platforms at launch. Riverbond is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Spanish (Latin America), Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

To further explore the whimsical world of Riverbond, journey to the official website and catch up with Cococucumber on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Discord.

About Cococucumber

Cococucumber is a Toronto-based independent game studio co-founded by Vanessa Chia and Martin Gauvreau. Their team aims to create original titles across all platforms for players of all ages. Since their journey in game development began, Cococucumber has published two other titles including Bunny Bonker and Planet of the Eyes

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