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EA Pretty Much Confirms That They Are Coming Back to Steam

Well, here is something that equally amazing as it is shocking. The end of Valve’s relationship with Electronic Arts was like a bad breakup that both parties refuse to talk about. After Origin took off, EA decided to take down most of its games from Steam and transfer it to Origin, as well as making their upcoming releases exclusive to that client.

However, something strange started happening in the past few days. TheNerdMag first reported some strange sightings of Dragon Age II receiving database updates on Steam (the game was briefly there before EA decided to remove it) and The Saboteur being played by someone there. What’s interesting about The Saboteur is that it was never on Steam to begin with, but according to steam.db, the database entry is there. And this would all stay in the realm of unreliable rumors until EA decided to tweet something pretty interesting two days ago.

Something is steaming from the EA branded cup. Steam-ing. G-get it? As far as I know, EA is not the kind to tweet random stuff without any context, so this could be a pretty clear hint that some of their PC games (if not most) might come back to Steam. Please EA, don’t let this be some strange advertising for a new line of EA coffee mugs, I would pay good money to play Titanfall games and Mass Effect 3 on Steam. For now, I keep my fingers crossed and I’ll keep you updated for more development regarding this matter.

Admir Brkic
Admir Brkic
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