Zenith, the Cyberpunk VR MMORPG for PC and VR, Launches Kickstarter for Early Fan Involvement in Groundbreaking Cross-Platform Adventures

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Zenith, the Cyberpunk VR MMORPG for PC and VR, Launches Kickstarter for Early Fan Involvement in Groundbreaking Cross-Platform Adventures

 Ramen VR Aims to Bring to Life an Immersive, Living Anime World Filled with Believable Monsters, Deep Customizable Classes, and Intense Combat for an Unforgettable Experience

SAN FRANCISCO – August 12, 2019 – What if you could become the hero you were always destined to be… Ramen VR, an indie VR studio that’s creating a one of a kind VR metaverse, today announced it has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Zenith, a cyberpunk VR MMORPG for VR and PC. In Zenith, players will be able to play, socialize, and create their own unique experiences in the first cross-platform VR MMORPG.

Inspired by anime and JRPG classics and reimagined as a dynamic living world with cross-play between VR platforms and PC, Zenith offers a futuristic universe in which players will fight, craft, explore, and live as they forge alliances and friendships in guilds and parties. In the game world, the city of Zenith has been sheltered from the mayhem unleashed by the crash of a massive starship. While the beasts and horrors brought by the spaceship have been brought under control, the seal imprisoning the God-King responsible for the chaos grows weaker every day—heroes are needed to venture forth to save Zenith from another calamity. Characters who take up this challenge can participate in epic raids and world events or go solo to become a powerful leader whose deeds will be forever immortalized.

Zenith is the brainchild of Andy Tsen and Lauren Frazier, co-founders of Ramen VR with a decade of experience at Unity, Google, and building startup companies. The duo met at Oculus’s VR accelerator program, which they won, and then co-produced with Oculus Conjure Strike, a 3v3 competitive VR shooter that was nominated for VR Game of the Year and Multiplayer Game of the Year by Unity. In addition to the game’s core team comprised of passionate game talent, Adam Hetenyi, the lead game designer on Trove and The Surge 2, serves an advisor on the project.

 “Zenith is our passion project, as we want to share the dream of a living anime world that players can experience on VR and PC without limitations,” said Lauren Frazier, co-founder of Ramen VR. “We invite RPG fans to join us on our journey and imagine their lives as legendary anime heroes!”

The game’s technology is powered by Spatial OS, the world’s most advanced MMORPG platform, which enables the creation of large and dynamic open worlds. The platform will enable real physics, complex AI, and a landscape that evolves and is shaped by players and NPCs alike. There are also plans to use Spatial OS for features like conquerable player settlements, crafting, and customizable player housing.

“We view our backers and our community as co-creators with us,” said Andy Tsen, co-founder of Ramen VR. “We believe the more support we raise from Kickstarter backers who believe in the game, the more we’ll be able to realize the vision we all share.”

Zenith’s concept was a product of Tsen and Frazier’s love of anime and JRPGs, and their desire to create an innovative VR experience that fostered a rich environment and deep social aspects found in MMOs. In development since early 2019, Zenith aims to unite fans of these genres in a persistent world that builds and fosters strong community.

Game Features

·         Dynamic Living World: Huge, visually striking, and beautiful environments with no loading screens, created with Improbable and using Spatial OS, the worlds most advanced MMORPG platform

·         Cross-Platform Play: Players who don’t yet have VR can play on PC in the same world as VR players—no one is left out of the adventure

·         Class and Character Customization: Play your character exactly as you want, with every class able to become each role, depending on which skills are equipped

·         Advanced AI: An immersive world filled with believable characters and AI—monsters will dodge, hide, and hunt in lifelike ways and AI avatars allow characters to continue playing with other people while their players are offline

·         Streamlined, Physical Combat System: Leverage the physicality of VR for satisfying gameplay using timing and rhythm; pull earth shields out of the ground, suck creatures in by fast balling a gravity well, or simply blast them using chain lightning

The Kickstarter campaign is live and will help the team at Ramen VR further develop the epic adventure while sharing early benefits with fans who help create the exciting world.

For more information, please visit the Zenith Kickstarter page or visit https://www.zenithmmo.com. Keep in touch with us on Twitter @ZenithMMO, on Discord at https://discord.gg/uR7NNBS, and on Medium at https://medium.com/zenithvr/.

About Ramen VR

Ramen VR is an indie VR studio that’s creating the VR metaverse. Andy Tsen and Lauren Frazier started Ramen VR in 2019 after working together at established companies on previous projects. They have decades of combined experience at gaming and mobile startups as well as companies like Unity and Google. Funded by some of the world’s best investors and by Oculus, the team is focused on building Zenith, a VR MMORPG where millions of players can adventure together in a gorgeous, anime-inspired world. Ramen VR had previously created Conjure Strike, which was a finalist for Unity Multiplayer and VR Game of the Year. The indie teams believe fun, online games can be life-changing experiences that let players realize their full potential. Ramen VR is driven by the belief to create a VR world where you can fulfill your wildest ambitions.

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