World of Tanks Reveals Battle Royale-Inspired Mode

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Bringing brand-new mechanics, Steel Hunter will pit lone wolves and Platoons against each other

August 20, 2019 — As part of World of Tanks’ two-month long Tank Festival, players will find themselves on a brand-new map battling it out to be the last person (or Platoon) standing in Steel Hunter. The new mode will be available from August 26 to September 16 and introduces a slew of new game mechanics including looting, on-the-fly vehicle upgrades, airdrops and more.

The rules are simple. A no-holds-barred battle, the sole survivor or the surviving members of a single Platoon claim the victory. Every battle will start on a level playing field as each tanker will have the choice of three special tanks, representing the classic World of Tanks nations (the USSR, the USA and Germany). Before the battle starts, each of the twenty lone wolf tankers (or seven three-player Platoons) chooses a place to spawn on Dreamland, the brand-new city map specifically designed for Steel Hunter. As the battle unfolds, the area of play progressively gets smaller and so-called Danger Zones appear.

“A fresh challenge in World of Tanks, Steel Hunter shows we’re not done experimenting. Last year, we tested the foundations of this mode,” states Max Chuvalov, Publishing Director, World of Tanks. “Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response from our players, we decided to build on those foundations and create a fully-fledged mode that will get players even more excited!”

The more advanced rules of “Steel Hunter” offer an immense amount of tactical options. Damaging enemies, cannibalizing their chasses and picking up loot will reward players with Battle XP, the most important commodity found on Dreamland. By collecting it, tankers will be able to upgrade their tanks on the go via a branching Tech Tree.

But Battle XP is not all that can be looted; by finding treasures or stopping off at special stationary loot points, players can restore their hit points or find ammo and consumables which can repair modules or turn the tide of battle by temporarily boosting mobility or accuracy. In addition, players will be able to take advantage of powerful abilities during the battle. These powerplay weapons enable tankers to set smoke screens, call airstrikes and create zones to replenish your and allies’ HP or slow down enemy vehicles.

And over the course of the event, players will be adequately rewarded for their tours of duty on Dreamland with a collection of decals, 2D styles, Credits, Bonds, Medals, Emblems and days of Premium Account. So, savour the hunting season in World of Tanks. Load up your guns and bring your friends—it’s fun to triumph in the end!


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