DEEMO -Reborn- Comes to PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR on 21 Nov.

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DEEMO -Reborn- Comes to PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR on 21 Nov.

New Content, Gameplay Exclusive to PlayStation 4

TOKYO, Japan – 21 Aug. 2019 – Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)’s publishing label UNTIES and developer Rayark Inc. will bring DEEMO -Reborn-, an expanded version of the rhythm game downloaded more than 22 million times across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, iOS and Android, to PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR support on Thursday, 21 Nov., 2019.

Remade from the ground up, DEEMO -Reborn- brings the original experience’s mystical 2D environments to life in full 3D exclusively on PlayStation 4. Explore previously hidden nooks and crannies of the titular character Deemo’s castle and uncover more of the mystery through added story sequences. Follow the beat to more than 60 songs, including some of the most popular tracks from the original DEEMO as well as fresh additions. Master each piano score to unlock new areas found in no other version.

Alternate between the rhythm and exploration gameplay. See from the perspectives of Deemo, accustomed to living in solitude within the walls of a beautiful yet lonely castle, and the little girl who falls from the sky into Deemo’s life with no memory of her past. Gracefully master each song to grow the tree sprouting from Deemo’s piano and help her go back. Guide the little girl to find new sheet music and the answers to the riddle of how she arrived in this world.

Songs ranging from chill tunes to upbeat jazz melodies, with compositions from classical greats like Beethoven and Brahms as well as modern musicians, grace DEEMO -Reborn-. These tracks accentuate a tale of love, friendship and loneliness. Beloved by fans all over the world, it is now retold in greater detail and higher fidelity.

“This isn’t just an updated version of DEEMO. It’s a total remake,” said Akinari Itoh, G&R Representative, UNTIES. “Rayark Inc. has applied its years of rhythm game expertise from DEEMO, Cytus and other franchises to 3D and VR with great effect, all the while adding exploration elements to revitalize the story in what is truly a rebirth of this touching story.”

DEEMO -Reborn- will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR with PlayStation Move controller support for $39.99. It will support English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Traditional / Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Separate song packs are planned for future DLC.

For more information, please visit the official website and follow @UNTIESWORLD on Twitter.


Based out of Tokyo, Japan, Sony Music’s video game publishing label UNTIES is dedicated to expanding the reach of Japan’s best indie developers. Their name derives from their goal of untying games from specific platforms and sharing them worldwide. For more information, visit the UNTIES website or follow @UNTIESWORLD on Twitter.

About Rayark Inc.

Founded in 2011, Taiwanese studio Rayark is a passionate team dedicated to creating high-quality gaming experiences and digital content on various platforms. Rayark is best known for its rhythm games including DEEMO and the Cytus series.

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