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Major Updates Include New Kingdoms, Brand New RTS Mode, a New Skill Growth System for Heroes, and the Fourth and Final Season to Iron Throne’s Story Mode

LOS ANGELES – MAY 30, 2019Netmarble’s immersive MMO strategy mobile game Iron Throne is celebrating its one-year anniversary with an extensive new update for players to experience and enjoy the game. Starting today, players will have more opportunities to flaunt their strength, empower their trusted Heroes even further, and see what is next in store with Iron Throne’s story mode.

Iron Throne’s first anniversary update introduces renewed Dimensional Battle, a real-time strategy (RTS) mode that Lords can directly involve themselves on the battlefield.This new update now improves upon existing Player vs. Everyone (PvE) content by adding a real-time duel system to Iron Throne that allows Lords can use advanced strategical placement of their troops, add special soldiers such as Ogres, Death Knights, and Dragons to the front line, and unleash all-new Hero Skills to defeat their opponents, including enemy combatants and other Lords.

The new update also gives player Heroes the potential to become even stronger with the introduction of Iron Throne’s ‘Skill Growth’ system. Layered on top of the current equipment-oriented growth system, Lords can strengthen the personality and strategy of their favorite heroes by adding new Hero Skills – all of which can be further enhanced with the new Skill Enhancement system also introduced in the anniversary update.

To complement these new features, Iron Throne’s anticipated fourth season of Town Mode, Iron Throne‘s story mode, is now available for players to experience and earn epic rewards. Upon completion of Season 4, players can earn the following rewards:

  • New Hero – Players now can unlock the Viking-inspired Hero from Nordenth…the mysterious sorcerer Hakkon. The new hero is one of the leading characters of Town Mode’s fourth season and can be recruited once players complete Epic Quest of third season.
  • New Equipment Set – In addition to Hakkon, players will earn the Viking-inspired Helga Set to equip to their heroes. The new set of equipment adds additional capability of gathering resources to heroes.

In Iron Throne, players can create their own story to become the King of their very own kingdom by cooperation with each other to build strong alliances and competition against other users. Lords can also experience a completely new strategy game experience through a variety of game modes offering extreme delight of battle, fun of recruiting and nurturing own heroes and, fascinate story of the mystic continent – all delivered through an astonishing and realistic world powered by high-resolution 3D graphics.

Iron Throne is available for iOS and Android platforms via Apple App Store and Google Play. For more information on Iron Throne, please visit the website at


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