MediEvil Launches this October on PlayStation 4

October 25th to be more precise.

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It looks like players will be able to play as everyone’s favorite skeleton knight in time for Halloween as Sony has announced that the MediEvil remake will be releasing physically and digitally for the PlayStation 4 on October 25th. To accompany this announcement the publisher has released a new trailer focusing on the story for the game and you can check it out below. Sir Dan has his work cut out for him as he will need to be busy avoiding the boulder-spitting gargoyles of the Hilltop Mausoleum, outrunning the menacing farmers of the Scarecrow Fields, and fending off giant worker ants in the Ant Caves.

Although the journey will bring you face to face with hordes of unspeakable enemies, a whole host of heroes will be there to help guide you on your way and provide Sir Dan with an ever-expanding repertoire of weapons and shields to aid him in his quest. Everything from enchanted swords to gigantic hammers, crossbows, throwing knives and axes are at your disposal, but you’ll need to use them wisely, lest you lose your head.

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