Kill la Kill: IF Introduces New Ryuko Matoi Story

Ultimate form of Ryuko Matoi also introduced.

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Arc System Works has released some new details for Kill la Kill: IF announcing that players will be able to unlock a brand new scenario featuring Ryuko Matoi once they complete Satsuki Kiryuin’s story mode. This, just like Satsuki’s story, will be a brand new creation that allows players to play as Ryuko and discover her side of the story.

After Ryuko is defeated by Satsuki, Nui appears before her. Now determined to become stronger, is Ryuko really going to ask Nui to train her!? And what about the secret of the Original Life Fiber that was not revealed in the original series? Kill la Kill: IF is currently set to be released on July 26th in North America and Europe for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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