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Super Neptunia RPG Arrives in Late June

Idea Factory International has announced that they have now set a solid release date for Super Neptunia RPG in the West and it is a bit different than the norm as the PC version will actually be released first on June 20th while the console release on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will arrive on June 28th. The PC version will offer a 20% discount for one week after launch and while the Nintendo Switch version remains untouched similar to the PC version, the PlayStation 4 version of the game will have two “slightly modified” CGs.

The company also released a few new details for Super Neptunia RPG as to how the game will be played as it is stylized a bit different from the norm. Players will still explore dungeons as Neptune who will enter combat whenever she attacks or touches a monster with each battle giving players a chance to fight with up to four party members who will need to use their Action Points (AP) to make use of their skills. In battle players can swap between four different formations to increase various passive bonuses to best fit the situation and of course transform into their Goddess forms to unleash powerful attacks to devastate the enemy.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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