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Where to Find All Prosthetic Tools in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

While I definitely had fun playing Sekiro these days on PC, it was quite a challenge getting to the end. Luckily, with certain prosthetic tools, I managed to push through boss fights and somewhat reduce my total death count (it still had three digits by the end of the game, though). In any case, you don’t have to suffer as much as I did so here is a list of all ten prosthetic tools in the game and where to find them.

1. Shuriken Wheel

It’s in the house right next to the “Outskirts Wall – Gate Path” idol. Grapple to the hole in the house and you’ll find it next to a corpse. The Sculptor will transform it into a Loaded Shuriken tool.

2. Robert’s Firecrackers

After a fight with General Naomori Kawarada go past the burning house (with an old lady that gives you the bell), pass the wounded villager and look to your left. There will be a grapple point on a small cliff and a next one right above it. You’ll find a merchant on a hill selling it. The Sculptor will transform it into a Shinobi Firecrackers tool.

3. Flame Barrel

Hirata Estate, in a bonfire surrounded by a couple of enemies. Kill them and the tool is right in the bonfire. The Sculptor will transform it into a Flame Vent tool.

4. Shinobi Axe of the Monkey

Also in Hirata Estate. Right after the Flame Barrel pick up, take the path upstairs. Pass the dying man leaning on a wall on the right side and turn left. Enter the courtyard, kill the next two enemies and open a small garden shed that they were guarding. The Sculptor will transform it into a Loaded Axe tool.

5. Mist Raven’s Feathers

The last tool to find in Hirana Estate. After killing the Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen, activate the Bamboo Thicket Slope idol and follow the path to a small set of stairs. Grapple on the tree stump on the left, jump in the water and continue swimming upriver. At the end of the river, you can grapple a tree branch on the right and pick up a glowing item. Look right after the pickup and you will see a bamboo door. Destroy it to reveal a path into the cave. Walljump up at the end of the cave to end up at the hidden temple on top of a mountain. Kill or ignore a lone ninja that spawns there and open a temple door for the tool. The Sculptor will transform it into a Mist Raven tool.

6. Gyoubu’s Broken Horn

Ashina Castle, the first idol in the region. Spawn at the idol, jump off the bridge on the left and grapple on the tree branch. Eavesdrop on the enemies on the bridge and kill them for a “gatehouse key” drop. Drop down the bridge until you reach the Ashina Reservoir idol. From here, find the area in the prologue where you were taught how to sneak through the grass. This is where the gatehouse is, the same one you had to crawl under it in the prologue. Open it with a key and the tool is there. The Sculptor will transform it into a Loaded Spear tool.

7. Sabimaru

Ashina Castle. Drop down from the room just past the Upper Tower-Antechamber Sculptor’s Idol. You’ll have to fight a couple of blue samurai but after that you’ll find a chest with this prosthetic tool.

8. Iron Fortress

Ashina Castle, Old Grave idol. Jump down the left side to a building with a broken rooftop and buy it from a hidden merchant in there for 1600 coins. The Sculptor will transform it into a Loaded Umbrella tool.

9. Large Fan

Sunken Valley. After the third idol in that area, named Gun Fort, you will find a mini-boss with an interesting name of Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe. Defeat it and the tool is located in the back of the same room. The Sculptor will transform it into a Divine Abduction tool.

10. Slender Finger

Found after defeating the Guardian Ape boss in Sunken Valley. The Sculptor will transform it into a Finger Whistle tool.

That’s all the tools in the game. Remember that you can upgrade them all at the Sculptor as soon as you receive a mechanical barrel after the Gyoubu Oniwa boss (outskirts of Ashina Castle).

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Admir Brkic
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