Hazardous Space Huge update!

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Hazardous Space Huge update!

А big update is launched for Hazardous Space — a turn-based space station survival simulator. The game is in early access for now, but the update will change the player’s experience significantly. The developers not only fixed a lot of errors and bugs, but also improved enemy animation, added new tutorials and story missions. The game is planned to be out of the early access on February of 2019.

Hazardous space is a 2D turn-based roguelike survival with RPG elements in which a space courier fights zombies on a spaceship. Using tactics, different weapon types and skills, you must break through hordes of foes and find your way out of the station. Prepare for turn-based combat, character advancement and the atmosphere of ominous danger. The game is in early access for now, the final release is planned on 2019.

“We carefully monitored the players’ behaviour, tested different feedback channels in order to make Hazardous Space much more spectacular and compelling. Now we are sure the gameplay has become significantly more fun”, said the lead game designer (Aleksei Balamutenko)

The update Hazardous Space v0.9 adds new enemy and weapon animation which will make the gameplay experience more realistic and compelling. New quest items unlock additional missions that give a deeper understanding of the Wanderer station catastrophe. New elemental weapons allow to choose a custom style of playing and a reworked tutorial makes it easier to deal with a complicated system of mazes, combat, crafting and survival. Update fixes bugs and errors, the full list is here.

Black Tower Entertainment is an indie games publisher which specializes in old school projects with RTS and RPG elements.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/760080/Hazardous_Space/

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