SkyScrappers Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

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SkyScrappers Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

Action-packed classic arcade style multiplayer with vertical orientation arriving on eShops October 29th

Bristol, United Kingdom, October 15th, 2018 – Ground Shatter and Ant Workshop today announce that classic arcade-style, multiplayer fighting game, SkyScrappers, will release on Nintendo Switch on the 29th of October with exclusive vertical “Tate” mode and is available to pre-order now.

There exists a secret group of international risk-takers who seek sky scrapers planned for demolition to use as their playground, as they fight one another and race skyward through falling debris before the building crashes to the ground… or they do.

SkyScrappers thrusts players into the heart of exploding sky scrapers, where they must race, scrap and scale their way up crumbling brickwork in the ultimate daredevil race to the top. Players must time their ascent to navigate treacherous debris and utilize falling platforms, while attacking their opponents to force them to the bottom. SkyScrappers includes two-four player local multiplayer and single-player campaigns, with a range of modes to master.

Working proudly in conjunction with seasoned publisher, Ant Workshop, to bring SkyScrappers to the Nintendo Switch; Ground Shatter are excited to introduce a brand new and exclusive vertical Tate mode developed exclusively for the platform.

Ground Shatter Director, James Parker said, “In many ways the Switch is the natural fit for SkyScrappers. With its pick-up and play controls and couch multiplayer, it’s never been easier for a group of friends to grab a JoyCon and jump into the high-rise action. And the new vertical Tate Mode finally brings to realisation the authentic arcade experience that we’ve craved since we came up with the game.”

Teaming vertical gameplay with hand-held, one-stick, two-button controls and an incredible 90s style arcade soundtrack; SkyScrappers fuses a retro style with stunning graphics and platform optimization to create a perfect classic arcade game for the modern era.

SkyScrappers is available to pre-order now on EU, US and AU Nintendo Switch eShops and GroundShatter Director, James Parker is available for interview requests.

About Ground Shatter
Ground Shatter is a contradiction, treading the line between abject cynicism and unfettered positivity; free-spirited iconoclasm and searing professionalism; with one foot in the seaside arcades of the past and the other in the cutting edge technology of the now.

About Ant Workshop
Ants – tiny, strong, focussed, good at working with others to achieve their goals and often with a nasty bite. Some of these characteristics (not so much the bitey ones) are also shared by Ant Workshop, a small independant game developer and game design consultancy based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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