Madness Strikes with World of Tanks Blitz In-Game Halloween Event

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Madness Strikes with World of Tanks Blitz In-Game Halloween Event

Take part and earn two unique tanks designed by world-famous Mad Max artist Peter Pound

October 16, 2018 — With the Halloween season approaching, World of Tanks Blitz has collaborated with Mad Max: Fury Road’s Principle Vehicle Designer and Concept Artist, Peter Pound, to open the Mad Games event. A terrifying trick or tasty treat? Players will find out in the arena.

Pound has created two new tanks which will only be unlockable during the event: the Tier V Scavenger and the Tier VII Gravedigger. To obtain the Scavenger, players need to earn 50 victories in battle, while the Gravedigger will require them to complete a set of battle missions.

These two tanks join the Artists’ Signature Series, an exclusive selection for World of Tanks Blitz, that began with legendary Gundam designer Kunio Okawara’s tank, the O-47.

“Working together with the World of Tanks Blitz team, I was able to create some unique designs and given creative freedom,” states Peter. “With Mad Max: Fury Road, I was focused on car designs but the challenge here was taking tanks and making them even more heavy metal! I enjoy a challenge and it was a cool experience. Now I hope everyone enjoys the hard work put into these steel beasts.”

Alongside Pound’s creations, the Mad Games features an exclusive post-apocalyptic mode, where sandstorms have destroyed the landscapes of World of Tanks Blitz. Tankers will be able to utilize special and powerful abilities like invisibility, shields and armor restoration. The Mad Games begin October 17 and run through to November 12.

To get everyone ready for this year’s festivities, the Garage now has a post-apocalyptic flavor, maps have become a bit more haunting and an assortment of unique tank customization items are ready to spook out other tankers. Tanks from previous Halloween events also make a welcome return, including: 2015’s Tankenstein and 2016’s Dracula and Helsing.

To get into the Mad Games, download World of Tanks Blitz for free at

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World of Tanks Blitz is a fun, lighthearted approach to the genre that bends the rules of reality, putting an engaging twist on tank combat. Deep mechanics and realistic physical models across both authentic and alternative historical settings combine to create fluid gameplay and tactical diversity.

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