AirConsole Brings the Tabletop Dungeon Exploration Experience to Your TV with New Release – Dungeon Crawl

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AirConsole Brings the Tabletop Dungeon Exploration Experience to Your TV with New Release – Dungeon Crawl

Explore the Underworld, Defeat Monsters, Find Treasure, and Battle to Thwart the Demon King’s Evil Plans in New Multiplayer Cooperative RPG

It’s time for you and your friends to answer the call to adventure, as today, N-Dream AG, creators of the leading cloud-based virtual gaming platform AirConsole, added the role-playing adventure, Dungeon Crawl, to their free game streaming service. To jump into this monster-bashing, dungeon-delving, loot-grabbing adventure, simply visit and launch Dungeon Crawl, the latest addition to the AirConsole game library! By using your mobile devices as controllers, you and your friends, as the Wizard, Ranger, Warrior, and Rogue, explore creepy catacombs, terrifying tombs, and deadly dungeons together. If that’s not enough, add a fifth player, who takes control of the monsters and does their best to thwart your efforts!

In Dungeon Crawl, The Demon King’s hordes have been raiding local towns, his goblin minions kidnapping citizens and spiriting them off to unknown, and unsafe, lands. It’s up to you and your party of hardy adventurers to enter the Demon King’s labyrinth and stop his evil plans!

Features of Dungeon Crawl include:

  • Local multiplayer dungeon-delving fun for up to five players
  • Four different characters to choose from: Wizard, Ranger, Warrior, and Rogue, each with their own unique abilities
  • Players use their smartphones to control their characters, interact with the environment and manage inventory and abilities
  • Up to four players can play cooperatively against the Demon King and his minions. An optional fifth player can take control of the monsters
  • Explore fifteen levels across three themed areas: Goblin Caverns, Undead Crypt and Lava Temple
  • Hordes of ugly monsters to defeat, including Demons, Trolls, Goblins, and Skeletons
  • Collect unique items and improve your characters. Take part in bonus objectives and claim extra item rewards

Visit the official web site:

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A full press kit with screenshots, trailer, art, and logos is available here:

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