Hilarious Live-Action Dating Simulator Super Seducer 2 is Now Available on Steam

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Hilarious Live-Action Dating Simulator Super Seducer 2 is Now Available on Steam

Live-Action Dating Sim Sequel Launches with Ten Times the Budget, a More Diverse Cast, the Female Perspective, and an Even More Comical Script

PORT-LOUIS, MAURITIUS (SEPTEMBER 13, 2018) – Best-selling author and renowned dating coach Richard La Ruina’s much-anticipated dating sim sequel, Super Seducer 2, is now available for Windows PC and Mac! The self-proclaimed “Friendly Neighborhood Seduction Guru” graces Steam once more with a bigger, better, and more conscientious full-motion-video (FMV) game where you learn the artistry of attraction. Armed with the feedback of players and critics alike, Super Seducer 2 re-enters the dating and seduction simulation scene with more meaningful content, adding women’s dating perspectives, a diverse cast of characters, and improved scenario feedback!

In Super Seducer 2, dating masters Richard La Ruina and Charlotte Jones guide players on how to become the most delightful bachelors and bachelorettes on the market. Adversely, they criticize and demonize actions that overstep boundaries and disrespect potential love interests. Richard La Ruina — in collaboration with a predominantly female cast and crew, his wife and producer Kate La Ruina, and America’s #1 Asian Dating Coach JT Tran — implements his most sound and inclusive dating tips into Super Seducer 2. Exploring everything from social cues to the psychology behind a first impression and everything in between, Super Seducer 2 teaches players of different backgrounds and gender how to become irresistible and make the right flirtatious choices so that they may soon find themselves in the arms of their soulmate.

“So many lovely and talented people helped make Super Seducer 2 a reality and a soon-to-be hit, including fans of the first game and even its critics,” said Richard La Ruina, creator of Super Seducer 2. “From day one, we utilized the feedback we received to make the sequel a more inclusive experience for all. Based on the game’s Steam wishlist count, that’s resonated well.

“The team and I hope,” he continued, “that players have even more fun this time around and truly learn how to be more confident and considerate when out on the dating field; that is our primary goal, and we ask those who remain cynical of our efforts to try Super Seducer 2 for themselves.”

“We put everything into making Super Seducer 2 as approachable and funny as possible, and I’m very proud of the result,” said Kate La Ruina, producer of Super Seducer 2. “I hope the fans of the first game love it and that we can convince some of the detractors to give the game a chance. We set out to make people laugh and teach them along the way how to properly start a relationship which is something everyone can relate to.”

Super Seducer 2 is a mature, non-nudity FMV game and true-to-life dating simulator that teaches men and women alike how to take their skills (or lack thereof) with a love interest to the next level. Like its predecessor, Super Seducer 2 features branching dialogue options that give players control of how each scenario ends. Players that make the wrong moves in their flirtatious conquests face a variety of awkward outcomes that range from simple eye roll to a thoroughly deserved rear choke hold. From professional dating tips from top advisors to outright cringe-inducing cautionary blunders, Super Seducer 2 is sure to leave a lasting impression and give you the tools needed to find that special someone once thought to be out of your league!

Key Features of Super Seducer 2 Include: 

  • Two Sides of the Coin: Two dating scenarios played completely from a woman’s perspective and the ability to give consent from the woman’s perspective in the men’s POV scenarios.
  • Dating is Everyone’s Game: A larger, racially and gender diverse cast of characters — bringing the total to a whopping 50 versus the original game’s 15. Super Seducer 2 also features an entire chapter in spoken Mandarin language.
  • Seeing the Whole Picture: All scenarios feature comprehensive and sensible feedback from both Richard and his knowledgeable female colleague Charlotte Jones.
  • Cross-Cultural Dating: Scenarios that encourage players of various ethnic backgrounds to be their unapologetically authentic selves — created under the consultation of ABC’s of Attraction founder JT Tran, America’s #1 Asian Dating Coach and premiere social coach for people of color.
  • Swipe Right: An online dating level that digs to the core of what makes a digital first impression stick and how to stand above the rest, because modern dating requires proper use of Tinder and similar apps.
  • Everyone Loves a Laugh: Included in the game is an interactive stand-up interlude led by stand-up comedian Leo Kearse. Entertaining a crowd is a lot like dating —  both require charm and confidence.
  • Bigger, Better, Stronger: A production budget ten times greater than the original with 50% more playtime, 35 different endings, and more in-depth gameplay featuring flashbacks, multiple locations, and realistic transitions from scenario to scenario.

Super Seducer 2 is available now for purchase for Windows PC on Steam for $12.99 USD at https://uberstrategist.link/SuperSeducer2-Steam. “The Dark Side of Seduction?: The Super Seducer 2 Documentary” and Richard La Ruina’s second book “Soulmate Sequence” are also available for $4.99 USD each, exclusively through Steam as a standalone DLC purchase or with the game in a discounted bundle.

Once they’ve completed the game, fans can directly influence the content of the newly announced Super Seducer 3 ahead of its March 6, 2019 release by contributing to the game’s Steam discussion forum or by sending direct feedback to creator Richard La Ruina through Facebook or Twitter.

About Super Seducer 2
Super Seducer 2 is the latest release in the popular (over 90,000 copies sold) dating and relationship series. Featuring over 11 hours of full-motion-video (FMV) content, the game aims to teach players the ins, outs, tips, and tricks, to successfully flirt, introduce themselves, and move beyond “Hi.” Directed by and featuring Richard La Ruina, world-renowned men’s dating coach and best-selling author, Super Seducer 2 expands upon the original game by adding more comedic elements, along with expanded gameplay focusing on a woman’s perspective and a diversity of characters from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. The game teaches proven flirting techniques and rewards players for being genuine and charming, while docking points for being sleazy or offensive. For more information, please visit www.puatraining.com/superseducer.

About Richard La Ruina
Richard La Ruina, a self-confessed shy virgin until 21 years of age, became Europe’s top men’s dating coach in 2009. Now 38 years old and happily married, his company — which is comprised of multiple websites, popular seminars, and workshops around the world — transforms love lives by teaching men how to find their soulmate. His second book “Soulmate Sequence,” a dating advice book for both men and women, will launch exclusively on Steam as DLC with Super Seducer 2 on September 12 priced at $4.99 in all formats including an audiobook.

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