Songbringer Now Available on Nintendo Switch™

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Songbringer Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Top-Down Zelda-Style Adventure Invites Nintendo Fans into an Ever-Changing Alien World

Teesside, UK –  May 31, 2018 – Songbringer, the action RPG from publisher and developer Double Eleven in partnership with Wizard Fu Games, is now out on Nintendo Switch™, priced at $19.99 USD / £15.99 GBP / 19.99€ (or regional equivalent).  The Nintendo Switch version includes all updates, as well as the free DLC The Trial Of Ren.

A lighthearted adventure following a lovable partier’s accidental awakening of an ancient evil, Songbringer invites players into the beautiful alien world of Ekzera, a mysterious land filled with a ton of clever secrets, dangerous species and powerful treasures. Players influence each quest’s map by choosing a six-letter seed when beginning a save file, ensuring Ekzera’s sprawling overworld remains unpredictable every time a new journey begins.

Only by surviving the dangerous dungeons hidden across Ekzera, befriending the planet’s more friendly inhabitants and awakening the dormant power within themselves will players stand a chance at conquering the challenges awaiting them in Songbringer.

Songbringer on the Nintendo Switch features:

Single-player action with optional local co-op
Player-influenced overworld layouts so that no two adventures ever feel the same
Gorgeously fluid pixel art visuals
Original soundtrack altered by a player’s generation of each overworld
Accessible but intense combat
Quirky weaponry and items including a flingable top hat, red party cup and hallucinogenic cacti
Combinable items: for example, ghost sword + lightning cube = lightning sword
Hundreds of distinct powerups and items
Loads of secret areas and items
A permadeath option allowing for more intense playthroughs
Free DLC including new items, crafting combinations and an extra boss
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About Double Eleven
Double Eleven is a UK-based indie publisher and developer of interactive digital entertainment. Some of Double Eleven’s most popular titles include Prison Architect and Goat Simulator (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation™ 3, PlayStation™ 4) and the team have recently released Super Cloudbuilt on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation™ 4.

About Wizard Fu Games
Wizard Fu Games is a one-man indie game development studio based in Oakland, California. Nathanael Weiss does the programming, design, art, music and business. Wizard Fu’s debut title is Songbringer, a procedurally-generated action RPG.

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