Realms of Arkania – Star Trail is Out Now for PS4

Reimagined old-school RPG hits the PlayStation Store

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If you own a PlayStation 4 and looking for an old-school RPG, then Realms of Arkania – Star Trail might be the right game for you. You can dive into a world full of magic and thrilling stories in this adventure. How about you unite races like elves and orcs while trying to recover the mighty Salamander Stone artifact? Of course you’ll have a variety of talents and spells available, which you can use in tactical fights against your enemies.

Realms of Arkania – Star Trail has received a visual reimagining and a gameplay overhaul and is now ready for old fans and new ones. The game can be purchased in the PlayStation Store now and is also available for PC via Steam. Start your journey in the mystic lands of Aventuria now!

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