Action RPG Songbringer Launching on Nintendo Switch Next Week

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Action RPG Songbringer Launching on Nintendo Switch Next Week

Classically-Influenced Top-Down Adventure Brings Tophat Flinging on the Go

Teesside, UK – 24th May, 2018 – Developer and publisher Double Eleven in partnership with Wizard Fu Games today announce Songbringer, the sci-fi adventure following an intergalactic shirtless partier’s stumble across an ancient evil, is heading to Nintendo Switch™ Europe and America on May 31st.

Originally released last summer for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Songbringer was lauded for its creative approach to archetypal adventure mechanics and imaginative, humorous approach to the typically stoic adventure genre. The Nintendo Switch version will include all updates released for Songbringer’s PC and Console versions, as well as the free DLC The Trial Of Ren.

Songbringer unfolds as protagonist Roq journeys across the alien planet he’s crashed onto, bringing him more adventure, dangerous encounters and spiritual growth than he could have ever imagined. With help from his mustache-loving robot companion Jib, Roq must explore the perilous world before him, acquiring helpful items like a red party cup, navigating twisting dungeons while besting the freakish beasts within and learning more about the mysterious powers flowing through his temporary home as well as himself.

Each time players begin a new save file, they’ll influence their journey’s overworld map design by choosing a six-letter seed. Songbringer’s world generation keeps each step of Roq’s quest unpredictable, allowing both for immense replayability or to ensure you’re exploring the same map a friend is playing through in their own game.

The powerful objects added to Roq’s inventory can also be combined; Songbringer allows players to discover powerful possibilities including wrapping a flingable top hat in scorching flames or coating their blade in a biting frost capable of freezing pathways across water. With sharp storytelling, powerful allies to befriend and a mound of secrets, Songbringer’s adventure offers ample reason to keep coming back to the lush landscapes of Ekzera.

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About Double Eleven
Double Eleven is a UK-based indie publisher and developer of interactive digital entertainment. Some of Double Eleven’s most popular titles include Prison Architect and Goat Simulator (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation™ 3, PlayStation™ 4) and the team have recently released Super Cloudbuilt on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation™ 4.

About Wizard Fu Games
Wizard Fu Games is a one-man indie game development studio based in Oakland, California. Nathanael Weiss does the programming, design, art, music and business. Wizard Fu’s debut title is Songbringer, a procedurally-generated action RPG.

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