When Gaming Meets Good — I, Hope for Xbox One Is Available Now

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When Gaming Meets Good — I, Hope for Xbox One Is Available Now

All Proceeds From the Game Sales on Xbox One Will Go Directly to GameChanger Charity

Portland, Oregon, April 18, 2018 – Video game developer, Kenny Roy, has generously donated I, Hope, a 3D adventure game designed to empower children fighting cancer, entirely to GameChanger Charity to help in their mission of supporting children and families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. Available today on Xbox One, Microsoft has agreed to direct 100% of all revenue from game sales directly to GameChanger Charity making it the first entirely charitable game on the platform.

I, Hope is an amazing example of a game that is expanding the content that we have on the platform while also providing such support (both mentally and financially) for those who are dealing with such a difficult disease,” said Katie Stone Perez, Senior Program Manager at ID@Xbox.

I, Hope is a 3D adventure game designed to help children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. The player assumes the role of Hope, a young girl whose island home is destroyed by the evil monster Cancer. Hope must travel to five islands to acquire the artifacts of Knowledge, Strength, Courage, and Support to fight Cancer. I, Hope provides gamers with an experience that will stay with them long after putting down the controller by conveying the message that we all have the power to overcome cancer and make our mark on the world.

I, Hope features original music by GameChanger Charity co-founder, Taylor Carol. In his own battle with cancer, he recognized video games as a source of comfort during his multi-year stay at medical institutions. After beating cancer, he founded the charity with his father, Jim Carol.

“Games like I, Hope allow kids who are stuck in a room by themselves to play in virtual playgrounds with other kids,” said Taylor Carol, co-founder GameChanger Charity.

The journey to create a game designed to help children cope with the disease and treatment of cancer began when Kenny Roy met with GameChanger Charity at the Game Developers Conference in 2016. Since then, Kenny has received partner support from several industry heavyweights including Microsoft Research, Unity, Twitch, Razer, and ++Good Games to make the game a reality. At last year’s Game Developers Conference, I, Hope won the “Gaming for Everyone” award during the Independent Games Festival (IGF). Earlier this month, the Entertainment Software Association showcased I, Hope as part of a discussion with Congressman Pete Sessions to highlight the positive impacts gaming can provide.

I, Hope’s encouraging message and gameplay is designed to support the emotional and mental well-being of children that are in the fight for their lives. It is the powerful story of how one disease can impact an entire village. Together, hopeful and strong, we have the power to overcome cancer.

“After years of developing I, Hope it means so much to get it in the hands of gamers who will receive this powerful message. I hope my game will help kids that are struggling in hospitals around the world,” said Kenny Roy, creator of I, Hope.

I, Hope is available on Xbox One; all proceeds go directly to supporting GameChanger Charity’s mission.

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About GameChanger Charity

GameChanger Charity leverages technology and innovation to ease the pain and suffering of children facing life-threatening illnesses. The non-profit organization  has helped tens of thousands of children and families and raised millions of dollars in support of this mission. For more information visit https://gamechangercharity.org/our-story/our-mission.

About Kenny Roy

Kenny Roy was an animator and VFX studio owner for almost 18 years before he turned his sights on game development. He is self-taught in both fields. Looking towards the future, Kenny sees games as both the best fundraising tools and medium for delivering a charity’s message. Follow Kenny Roy on Twitter or check out https://www.kennyroy.com.

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