Magical Star Pillars Set to Release on Steam on April 25th 2018

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Magical Star Pillars Set to Release on Steam on April 25th 2018

Puzzle platformer Magical Star Pillars set to release imminently on Steam

Toolkitz Games is happy to announce that our biggest game yet; puzzle platformer Magical Star Pillars is set to release on April 25th 2018 via Steam for US $6.99, CDN $7.99, A$8.25, GBP £5.19, €5.69, Japanese Yen ¥720 or Chinese Yuan ¥28 with further equivalent pricing in each region. You can try Magical Star Pillars before you buy as a free demo is available to download from

Magical Star Pillars features over 100 levels comprising of a variety of challenging puzzles throughout 7 islands which each have their own unique theme; a storyline that unfolds in parallel to each level; 7 playable characters to find; exploration and experimentation within the environments to discover secret areas; keyboard and controller support; and much more besides.

If you enjoy Magical Star Pillars’ gameplay and want the adventure to continue, then you will be pleased to hear that free post-launch downloadable content is set to release in the third quarter of 2018 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Toolkitz Games including:

Two new islands with harder levels named Gold Island; medallion challenge in which collecting every medallion scattered throughout each level unlocks a secret island called Legacy Island that contains 12 secret levels themed upon Toolkitz Games previous games; extra levels within the normal islands; unlockable behind the scenes items such as concept art, old development footage and trivia about making the game; and more besides.

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Review Requests for Gaming Publications, News Articles, Official Gameplay Screenshots and Streaming Embargo

Gaming publications can communicate with Toolkitz Games at to register your interest in reviewing Magical Star Pillars and a redeem code will be provided when they are available and feel free to ask any further questions. Official gameplay screenshots from the demo are available via the Steam store page at and a Facebook photo album at for inclusion in any of your reviews and news articles. There is no embargo for written or video reviews, previews, news articles or gameplay video streaming. Please let Toolkitz Games know when your reviews and news articles have been published and when live gameplay video streams are taking place or if a gameplay video stream has been archived for further viewing for Magical Star Pillars or any of the developer’s other games; as we will share reviews, news articles and videos on our official social media channels as a token of our appreciation for providing support for Magical Star Pillars.

About Toolkitz Games

Toolkitz Games is a small yet ambitious indie developer based in Los Angeles, California that is about to release their biggest game yet titled Magical Star Pillars; having previously developed Wunderkind and Fractured Layers amongst other games.

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