Preregistration for “Gudetama Tap!” begins!

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Preregistration for “Gudetama Tap!” begins!

TOKYO, JAPAN – March 26 –CyberStep, Inc. has partnered with Sanrio Co., Ltd., Gathering Holdings, Inc., and Good Luck3 Inc. to produce the latest iteration of the wildly popular mobile app, “Gudetama Tap!”

Set to release in Spring 2018, “Gudetama Tap!” combines all the fun of cooking Gudetama with exciting friend and photo features as well!

Preregister for prizes!

Preregistration for “Gudetama Tap!” begins on Monday 2018.03.26 at 18:00 (JST) and will open worldwide (with a few exceptions). Preregistered players are eligible to win prizes ranging from in-game items, Amazon gift cards, and real Gudetama plushies!

Preregister today via using email or social media!

See below for more details.

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Gudetama’s animated short “Hot Spring” released for YouTube!

The first of several new Gudetama animated shorts has been released to promote Gudetama Tap!

What is “Gudetama Tap!”

Gudetama Tap! is the 3rd and latest title in a series boasting over 3.5 million downloads! The game features the eponymous Gudetama, a lethargic egg that has enjoyed tremendous popularity since its release.

Gudetama Tap! adds several new features to the series, such as a friend function to encourage online play, an interactive AR camera, and even brand-new Gudetama variants based on regional specialties!

Friends Forever

Befriend players and gain access to each other’s rooms. You can lend them a helping hand if they’re cooking or interact with their favorite Gudetama. You can even send them a Gudetama you own as a gift!

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