Become the director with Planet Coaster’s new Studios Pack

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Become the director with Planet Coaster’s new Studios Pack

Create the ultimate Blockbuster Studios Park with stunning new rides, props and animatronics 

Cambridge, UK. 28 March 2018. Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today announces Planet Coaster Studios Pack is available for PC, bringing the blockbuster experience to life with spectacular stunts, earth-shaking explosions and rides that put park guests in the heart of the action.

You are the director! Create legendary moments and build the ultimate Hollywood Studios Park with new studio-themed scenery and wall sets. Combine new city props, vehicles, construction props and metropolis wall tiles together with Planet Coaster’s existing themes to bring the silver screen to life.

Create your own all-action blockbuster park by extending the pirate adventure, sci-fi spectacle or award-winning western themes and take park guests behind the scenes on a backlot tour where stunt people dive from rooftops, special effects dazzle and scenery explodes!

And a new challenge awaits managers as hotels have arrive in Planet Coaster! Hotels allow guests to rest and return to the park after an allotted time creating a temporary boost to the number of guests in a park that can take it above its normal park rating allowance.

Featuring Hollywood props, movie set backdrops and action-packed animatronics, Planet Coaster’s Studios Pack unlocks an all-new theme park adventure.

The Planet Coaster Studios Pack includes:

New Rides

  • Big Screen Tour. Bringing the Hollywood backlot tour experience to Planet Coaster, these electrically powered tour buses can double up as a transport or tracked ride bringing park guests face-to-face with your cinematic spectacles.
  • Re-Motion. An all-new modern simulator-style tracked ride with an adjustable robotic arm allowing seats to be moved freely in all direction, and video screens that create an immersive ride experience.
  • Horror Heights. A chilling and thrilling accelerated drop tower dark ride designed to work within Planet Coaster’s buildings, this classic multi-drop tower is bound to have even the most fearless guests scream in terror.

New Features

  • Hotels. Work on your hotel’s prestige level and boost the number of guests that can enjoy the park.
  • Path Tunneling. This new tool makes designing paths and tunnelling into hills, mountains and caves easier than ever before.

The Studios Pack is available today for £7.99 ($10.99, €10.99).

For press assets, including new Studios Pack screens, visit Join Planet Coaster on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram all @PlanetCoaster.

Planet Coaster is available now on Steam and for £29.99 ($44.99, €37.99).

About Planet Coaster

Create. Manage. Share. Be inspired and inspire others as you create, manage and share the world’s greatest coaster parks with friends and content creators around the world. Surprise, delight and thrill your guests as you build your coaster park empire, and let your imagination run wild with the future of coaster park simulation games.

About Frontier Developments

Frontier is the studio behind Elite Dangerous, LostWinds, Planet Coaster and the forthcoming Jurassic World Evolution. Founded in 1994 by industry veteran David Braben, Frontier develops games using its powerful COBRA game technology and is passionate about original gameplay, real community, player-driven narrative and cutting-edge technology.

Planet Coaster is available now for PC. Elite Dangerous is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Jurassic World Evolution launches Summer 2018. Other Frontier titles include RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Thrillville, LostWinds, Kinectimals, Disneyland Adventures, Zoo Tycoon, Tales from Deep Space and ScreamRide.

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