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Canberra, 7 Mar 2018: Cardboard Keep today announced that Attrition: Tactical Fronts is out for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam. This classic World War inspired turn-based strategy game is accessible and fast-paced without sacrificing tactical variety and depth – either single player against AI, complete with full campaign, or versus a friend in online multiplayer. Procedurally generated skirmish maps, along with the facility to create and share custom maps with other players via Steam Workshop, ensure unlimited replayability in either single or multiplayer modes.

Game Features:

  • Quick-fire, hex-based, turn-by-turn gameplay, like a digital board game but with endless unit and board combinations.
  • 17 mission single-player campaign with hand crafted maps, perfectly paced for players to learn unit and terrain types and combinations before offering more challenging scenarios that will prep players for face offs against human opponents in online multiplayer.
  • Integrated Map Editor for uploading levels to Steam Workshop, plus the option to procedurally generate skirmish maps on demand.
  • Both handmade and procedural maps are playable versus AI or in multiplayer – ideal for gamers who prefer to play against human opponents, or for players who prefer to take on other people’s maps against the formidable AI.
  • 11 unique World War themed unit types and 15 terrain types with a range of distinctive gameplay modifiers, including modelling of suppression, deployment constraints, elevation and more.

Easy to learn for newcomers to strategy gaming but still challenging for masters of the genre, this addictive fast-paced game of tiny heroics will appeal to any armchair general.


  • Visit the WebsiteSteam page, watch the trailer on YouTube.
  • Assets including trailer, screenshots and art can be downloaded from the press Dropbox.
  • Reviewers and content creators can request Steam review codes via Keymailer. Creating a Keymailer account is free.
  • Alternatively, please contact Tim directly with review code requests.
  • For interviews or more in depth information, media should contact Cardboard Keep.

About Cardboard Keep

The founders met while studying at AIE Canberra, a tertiary college for game studies, and completed several award-winning projects together. After forming Cardboard Keep, the team released N64 inspired Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth in 2016 for PC, Mac and Linux, followed by Puzzle Puppers in 2017, shortly to be launched for Nintendo Switch. Currently in public alpha is Witch Thief, a mystical 3D bullet-storm quest.

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