Daedalic Entertainment opens new office in Munich

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Daedalic Entertainment opens new office in Munich

Former Klonk Games team to develop new “Poki” game

Hamburg/Munich, 14. February 2018. Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich – Daedalic Entertainment is now operating with three offices in Germany, developing and publishing games on a global scale. The recently founded Daedalic Entertainment Bavaria GmbH is going to make the new game of Daedalic Co-Founder Jan „Poki“ Müller-Michaelis, mastermind behind the studio’s iconic Deponia series. The 8 man team in Munich ran Klonk Games until now. Oliver Machek will be the Studio Head and Creative Director in Munich, Daedalic Entertainment COO Stephan Harms is now also taking over the position as CEO at Daedalic Entertainment Bavaria.

The new subsidiary means a massive invest by Daedalic Entertainment, one in their own infrastructure and two in Munich as a location of the German games industry. Daedalic Entertainment Bavaria CEO Stephan Harms talks about the pros for Munich: “The main aspect for us was finding the right team for Poki to work on his new game. We haven’t been able to allocate the recources neede in one of the existing offices, due to other projects in the making. We knew Klonk Games had a very talented team, we talked about it and found an agreement quickly.“

Studio Head Oliver Machek adds: “We share Daedalics philosophy, we focus on crafting high quality games. Being able to continue as a team in Daedalic gives us the freedom to do exactly this – without caring about paying the rent and being limited in our creativity.“

The team officially starts working on 1st March 2018. Stephan Harms as well as Poki will be in Munich on a regular basis. Daedalic will share more details about the new game and its schedule as soon as possible.

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