Epic Shutting Down Paragon on April 26, Issuing Refunds

Refunds to come directly from Epic

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Fans of Paragon have long feared Epic’s runaway hit Fortnite would spell the death of their favourite MOBA. Unfortunately, their fears have come true. Today, Epic Games announced they are pulling the plug on Paragon on April 26, 2018. While Epic cited an inability to create a strong enough player base to continue development in their official shutdown announcement, Epic posted an announcement on reddit two weeks ago admitting Fortnite’s success was a large part of the discussion about Paragon’s future.

As a show of good will to Paragon’s dedicated fans, Epic has chosen to offer a full refund for any Paragon purchases. The refund offer is available for purchases made on any platform Paragon is available on. While Epic is not issuing automatic refunds to all buyers, gamers can manually request a refund here.

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