Award-winning Production Director Daniel Kaplan Joins Coffee Stain Publishing

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Award-winning Production Director Daniel Kaplan Joins Coffee Stain Publishing

Production Director of Minecraft Working on New Things with Goat Simulator team

Skövde – July 27th, 2017 – Coffee Stain Publishing, a game partner and publisher of genre-defining games, today announced that Daniel Kaplan, the award-winning production director, producer, business developer of Minecraft fame, has joined Coffee Stain Publishing to work on new projects. A ten year veteran of game development, Kaplan has won numerous BAFTAs, GDC Awards, IGF awards for his work on Minecraft, and is now working on new games with Coffee Stain Publishing with details to be announced in the future. Kaplan joins the creators of iconic grand simulator franchise Goat Simulator, FPS Tower Defense Sanctum, and will help to drive Coffee Stains’ continuing growth and awesomeness as a publisher.

“With our ambitious plans for Coffee Stain Publishing, we had to find the right people, and that’s not always easy. I’ve known Kaplan for 10 years (we even shared a bed once at Gamescom!), and I’m excited to have him join us! Kaplan is great, and shares our core game philosophies; we can’t wait to have him apply his magic on our products” said Anton Westbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios and Publishing.

“I’ve been a fan of Coffee Stain’s games for years now, and moving to the team behind one of the weirdest titles in the world is an exciting moment for me,” said Kaplan, Business Developer at Coffee Stain Publishing. “I’ve been drawn to making and thinking about games for as long as I can remember, and I’m really looking forward to work with a lot of different games at Coffee Stain. I’m very excited!”

Coffee Stain Publishing and Kaplan will be at Gamescom in Cologne this August, showing off dwarven co-op space mining in Deep Rock Galactic. If you would like to join a session together with the devs, please get in touch.

Kaplan is best known as the first employee of Mojang and business developer, producer, production director, friend of Minecraft, though his work also includes working at Ludosity, an indie gaming studio. He will continue his work of making awesome games together with the Coffee Stain Publishing team, which consist of awesome folks from King, Massive and Coffee Stain.

About Coffee Stain
Started in the middle of nowhere in Sweden back in 2010 by a group of friends, Coffee Stain Studios quickly grew into one of the world’s most successful indie developers. Partly because of good timing, but mainly because of great games. The studio is on a streak where both Sanctum and Sanctum 2 has sold over a million copies, while Goat Simulator, launched in 2014, has turned an amazing 20 million downloads across a wide range of platforms. Nowadays, Coffee Stain also Publish externally developed titles through Coffee Stain Publishing. Read more about Coffee Stain at our website:

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