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Australian premiere of English language dub set for Madman Anime Festival Brisbane

The English language dub for the hugely successful and incredibly popular SWORD ART ONLINE movie, ‘ORDINAL SCALE‘ – which released in Japanese with English subtitles across cinemas in Australia and New Zealand in March 2017 – will have it’s highly anticipated premiere on June 10th at Madman Anime Festival Brisbane.

The premiere kicks off on Saturday, June 10 at 6.30pm in the AnimeLab Arena with a very special introduction from festival guest and English voice actor for SAO’s Asuna, Cherami Leigh – also known for her roles in Soul Eater (Patty), Fairy Tail (Lucy), and Sailor Moon (Sailor Venus), to name just a few from her extensive and impressive body of work.

Tickets to the premiere are $15 and available to purchase at the Madman Anime Festival ticket desk from 4pm – 8pm on Friday, June 9, or from 9am on Saturday, June 10. Tickets to the premiere are open to anybody from the general public – you do not need to be a Madman Anime Festival pass holder.

Madman Anime Festival VIP pass holders will have their FREE ticket to the premiere in their VIP show bag.

A general release, along with cinema locations for the English language dub of SWORD ART ONLINE: ORDINAL SALE will be announced in the near future.

Madman Anime Festival will also host the Australian premiere of BLACK BUTLER: BOOK OF THE ATLANTIC, as well as voice talent guests Yuko Miyamura (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Cherami Leigh (Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail), alongside Cosplay Stars both international and local – Ying Tze (Malaysia), Orochi X (Australia), Pinky Lu Xun (Australia), and Katyuska Moonfox (Australia).

Tickets to Madman Anime Festival Brisbane are on sale now from: http://www.animefestival.com.au/

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