Hunted Cow Releases Massive Update for Operation: New Earth, Beginning a Year of Content Expansion

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Hunted Cow Releases Massive Update for Operation: New Earth, Beginning a Year of Content Expansion

Partners with Tilting Point’s Game Alliance fund to further build the player base and improve live ops

ELGIN, Scotland May 4, 2017 – Hunted Cow Studios Ltd today announced Operation: New Earth, an intense sci-fi strategy MMO, will be rolling out a year’s worth of new features beginning with the 1.6 version, released today. The same content is available now for the iOS, Android and PC versions of the game. With the help of Tilting Point’s new Game Alliance fund, the Hunted Cow team will continue expanding their unique and original IP, continuing their innovative approach to simulation and role-playing games.

“After six months of speaking to players, we have gathered valuable feedback about how players want to see the game evolve. We are very excited for them to experience the expansion of content and gameplay refinements, and with the additional resources from the Game Alliance fund, we look forward to serving them even better,” said Hunted Cow Studio Manager John Stewart.

“Hunted Cow clearly understands what their players love and is laser-focused on delivering their players feature after feature,” said Samir El Agili, Chief Product Officer at Tilting Point. “Tilting Point is proud to partner with an outstanding independent developer like Hunted Cow, so that we can scale their Operation: New Earth while they remain agile.”

Operation: New Earth is not Hunted Cow’s first deep SLG/RPG with completely original story narrative and lore. The company officially opened in 2004 and in 2006 launched the browser-based fantasy game, Fallen Sword, which has over 3,000 levels, 4 million signups, and to this day is still regularly updated. The Hunted Cow team believes that the innovative systems, original story and superior technology will give the game longevity and depth for mid-core fans looking for total immersion.

Operation: New Earth is now available on Android, iOS, Amazon and Steam to download for free. Players will find a mix of empire building, resource management, strategic warfare and, above all, original science-fiction fantasy. A full set of new features for 1.6 can be found on the game’s forums. In addition to the Non-Aggression Pacts, Bunker Structure and improvements to the Rally system, players will find they can now construct a larger base and join in with challenging new events.

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