Curve Digital and Tomas Sakalauskas Release Cult Sensation Human: Fall Flat Onto PlayStation®4 Today

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Curve Digital and Tomas Sakalauskas Release Cult Sensation Human: Fall Flat Onto PlayStation®4 Today

Surreal Puzzle Game to Also Launch on Xbox One This Friday

[LONDON – May 9, 2017] It’s time for console gamers to discover the physics-defying and rule-breaking hilarity that made Human: Fall Flat a cult phenomenon on Steam now that developer Tomas Sakalauskas and publisher Curve Digital have released the surreal puzzle game onto PlayStation 4 and in gorgeous 4K resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro today for $14.99. Xbox gamers can join in the action this Friday when Human: Fall Flat releases onto Xbox One for the same price.

Human: Fall Flat jumps onto console with additional content, brand new puzzles and a bespoke customization option that is also now available in the Steam version. In Human: Fall Flat players escape surreal dreamscapes by solving open-ended puzzles while struggling with intentionally unsteady controls that result in hysterical clumsiness and potentially endless falling.

After releasing on Steam last year to considerable praise, Human: Fall Flat became a YouTube phenomenon, garnering more than 100 million cumulative views thanks to the game’s hilarious gameplay that had people discover their own solutions to overcome obstacles and “work” together as best they can to solve the puzzles in co-op mode.

Human: Fall Flat’s co-op mode is a perfect fit for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One thanks to the game’s intentionally unsteady controls,” said Tomas Sakalauskas, developer of Human: Fall Flat. “Players will spend hours laughing at the unique situations that arise when two people struggle to pull, lift and push their way through the game.”

Playing as Bob, players have complete control over his arms and movement. At first, this can make it challenging to traverse this beautiful yet deadly world. However, players who learn to master Bob’s movement will be rewarded with a wealth of opportunities to break the rules and beat the challenging puzzles that block their path. Bob can pull stuff. He can push stuff. He can kick stuff. He can carry stuff. He can climb stuff. He can break stuff. And he can use stuff on other stuff to make even more stuff happen. It’s all up to you – want to open that mysterious door? Or would you rather see how far you can throw a speaker set out that window?

For more information on Human: Fall Flat’s console versions, please visit the game’s website, or Curve Digital’s Facebook and Twitter pages.


About Curve Digital

Curve Digital is the leading publisher of independent video games on PC and consoles in the world. Working with high profile developers such as The Chinese Room (Dear Esther), The Molasses Flood (The Flame in the Flood) and Bithell Games (Thomas Was Alone), Curve helps individuals, small teams and established studios bring their games to a larger audience.

About Tomas Sakalauskas

Tomas Sakalauskas’s studio No Brakes Games is a small indie developer established in 2012 and based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Focusing on fresh game mechanics, the studio creates offbeat gaming experiences such as Human: Fall Flat and Pocket Sheep.

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